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    The Big Picture: Who Was That At The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

    HELL YES we want an episode about the Howard The Duck movie!!! Lea Thompson at her hottest... and a few other actors, some cheesy claymation and a midget in a duck costume. What's not to love? :) [Still looking for the (mythical?) Cherry Bomb album...]
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    All-New TMNT Gets All-New Ninja Rap

    I... think I'll stick with "Go ninja go ninja go!" YEESH...
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 11: The Magical Place

    That last parting thought was exactly what flashed through my mind an hour after watching the show. Fury resurrected Coulson *BECAUSE* he saw SHIELD going bad -- remember, they wanted to weaponize the Tesseract Cube (like Hydra did) and prevent Fury from forming the Avengers -- and Coulson...
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    Let's Talk About the Ending of Frozen

    Dammit, now you're making me question myself. :) I'm gonna have to go see this one again... If the foreshadowing really IS there, then I'm down to "Dammit, I *LIKED* the Prince", and "That's not how Disney princess cartoons are supposed to work!". Which isn't nearly as valid criticism as...
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    Let's Talk About the Ending of Frozen

    *THIS*. Very much this. I loved the movie, don't get me wrong. But there's all the difference in the world between a twist that is hinted at ahead of time (even in an extremely subtle way -- see "Sixth Sense"), and a completely out-of-nowhere character reversal. We're not just seeing the...
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    MovieBob & others: Did you guys see the same "This Is The End" that I just did? Actors being assholes doing penis humor? Pretty much nonstop for the entire movie? At least five minutes of dialogue about how one character spews massive quantities of sperm, in all directions...
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    How Massive Multiplayer Should Work

    Weird thought time: Is it just me, or does the image on the second page of this article look remarkably like the "concept art" for just-starting-development Guardians of the Galaxy movie? See...
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    Non-Violent Game Idea: Puppies in Hell

    The sad thing is? I would play this game. I would BUY this game. Add a role-playing element and call it "Demons & Doggies"...