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    Cats Aren't Very Good at Duck Hunt

    That is face meltingly cute. Reminds me of my cat,who tried to kill mario while I was playing...well...a mario game(can't remember what one it was specifically,but it was also cute and funny,like this video is)
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    Poll: Do you feel Untalented?

    I am unreasonibly confident in myself. For no reason I beilive I can do anything(within reason) but it works really well. I can out run people who excerise daily,tospite doing around 1 hours of a excerise a week just because I demand that I best everyone in everything. The one thing this...
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    kitten name suggestions

    Pi. My auntie named a cat "pye" after pyewacket,but when I first heard it I though it as "pi" so I have been calling the cat that since. So that is my suggestion.
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    Poll: Favorite Attack Method

    Whenever avaible,whatever is the closed thing to a healer,though I like to pick something melee if possible too,a prime example of this would be the Paladin in world of warcraft. But other than that it is just random to me,the only real deciding factor is if healing is avaible,one such choice...
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    Zynga In Trouble Over Mafia Wars Guerrilla Marketing

    That depends. Although this might not make anything outside the local news,if you're law suit is on the news,it can end up making more money than it costs. Though that might be an extreme success,I suppose getting into as much legal trouble as possible,while at the same time trying not to...
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    Zynga In Trouble Over Mafia Wars Guerrilla Marketing

    Sounds like another marketing campaign that becomes a success by actually backfiring. Seems thats the best way to go if you really want to get your message across,get in as much legal trouble as possible.
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    Have you ever been called out by your Username?

    Talks to the name I pretty much take everywhere on the internet with me(Undeadpope),if someone says the word "Pope"(which is how people generally refer to me),wheather they are actually talking to me or not,I response as if they called my name. Not many people actually call me Pope though,but...
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    Swearing on the Escapist

    I swear like a mother flipping sailor all of the freaking time! Yes,anyway,I do like to avoid swearing whenever possible,on forums,in games and of course in the actual world too. Though really I total fail at not cursing in games... If I have my mic in on a game of Team fortress 2,you'd...
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    Question of the Day, July 31, 2010

    I will miss it in way,but that said I welcome a refreshing chance. Though,as a member of the Alliance,my fondest memories will be the raids on crossroads,pre-BC and all. Good times,good times.
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    Escapist News Network: Kinect the Dots

    I dislike jam... Which is unfortune given all the reasons to buy it over all the other consoles!
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    Wow, I AM a ninja.

    Seconded. Dunno about you though,but this only works for me if I drop something by mistake,I am not nearly half as good as catching things I threw in the air myself or someone esle threw. I always asumed it was just my body adapting to my clumsiness. One too many bruised apples.
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    Any Bilingual Escapists here?

    I can type without looking. So I can translate the movements of my hands into english. But nothing esle,short of a few words of irish.
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    Poll: Resolution or effects/FPS for PC gaming?

    Somewhere inbetween is nice,I will always choose preformance over eye candy but at the same time I don't want to be running around with bricks for players if I can handle more at the cost of 1 or 2 frames. Also Resolution is fairly low down,as long as there are no bricks,its pretty much fine...
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    "Journalist" Who Wrote Fake GTA Story Ridicules Gamers

    Not even worth the time and effort it took to type this sentence.
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    Poll: Poll: high school... here I come

    I never had any of the cliché highschool troubles,especially for the nearest thing to a "nerd" in my entire year,hell,maybe even the school. But generally,I would say I am quite likeable and I am would be well capable tyo defend myself(though I proably wouldn't,once someone jumped on me from...