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    Trailers: Dark Souls - Class Trailer

    You'd be surprised, some of the fist weapons are much, much, much better than you'd expect. High stability for some reason O.o
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    Trailers: Dark Souls - Bartholomew Trailer

    "Prepare to die" Yeah, that about seems pretty accurate. Looks amazingly fun, though i'd really like to see some of the gameplay changes between the first and the second.
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    Battlefield 3 Will "Probably" Use Online Pass

    I don't have a problem with it...but their given reason is bullshit. Seriously, the number of users will never exceed the number of people that buy the game (piracy not taken into account). Therefore, the same number will be playing. It just means that someone who bought it gave up their spot to...
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    Too scared to play online!

    LoL isn't that hard because it has a great learning curve and tries its hardest to put you with other low level players that are still learning the game. This is what every successful game should do.
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    Poll: A question for the guys. ( sex related almost )

    Aside from a few exceptions...MOST guys have. The real question is....where did they measure from? There's two ways of measuring (that I know of)...and one way is cheating.
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    Ride Out the Apocalypse in the World's First Zombie-Proof House

    Hating on zombies trend is new zombies trend guys. Get recent, why dontcha. More on topic, zombie-proof or not, this house seems very modern, yet has a zen feel to it. Personally, I'd love to have a house like that without the ability to turn into a giant cube. Cheaper and just as awesome 90%...
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    Poll: If Jesus ran for president, would you vote for him?

    No, but I wouldn't vote a dragon or the FSM to be president either. No hard feelings Jesus.
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    "Videogames Cause Rape" Author Gets Amazonbombed

    Should be a warning if you click on the author's name in the escapist post...WARNING. EXTREMELY FUCKING PINK.
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    WoW Customer Support Does Your Math Homework

    So, they actually do help some people...just not people that need help with game bugs. Seriously, I've had three relatively simple bugs in cataclysm...and each time I submit a ticket, they promptly say "we're aware of the problem, been working on forums for updates". And by prompt...
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    [UPDATE] Microsoft Devastates Autistic Child By Labeling Him a Cheater

    *Reads thread and a few pages of comments* *Leaves room, comes back with controllers and cleaning wipes* Honestly, that's all I get from the comments in this thread. If you have dirt on your controllers, you're a terrible person that just plays games, even though some people just have sweaty...
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    Pick a character from each of the last 4 games you played to play poker with.

    Twisted Fate/Veigar (League of Legends) The Doctor (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer) Yes man (Fallout New Vegas) Meat boy (Super Meat Boy ...I think I may actually draw a picture of this. My guess is yes man would win, but the doctor would walk away from the table and we'd all die...
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    Black Ops Swastika Emblems Will Earn Xbox Live Ban

    Hitler should have patented the swastika. Then it would just be copyright infringement, instead of a freedom of speech debate. :)
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    EA Calls Gran Turismo 5 "Sterile"

    Played GT5 in 3d 1080P on a 55 inch television my friend's parents bought on a whim and I gotta's the prettiest game I've ever seen. The 3d is bogus though...I could only notice a moderate 3d effect on the HUD and the car demo videos. I'm not a huge fan of 3d, never have been, so this...
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    Halo: Reach Will Punish Quitters, Says Bungie

    Woo....there's a lot of misinformation going around in this thread. First off, the bans will only be UP TO 20 MINUTES...not hours, not days, MINUTES. It's not a big deal. You quit a game to go eat, no action will be taken. You D/C once, nothing will happen. If you play casually, you won't give a...