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    Notch Still Good for Psychonauts 2 [UPDATED]

    i soooo wanna play the second !!! i enjoyed last one to the bits , good story good platforming !!! good details for every thing !!!
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    Zero Punctuation: Mortal Kombat

    So i'm just here to tell our friend Yahtzee that there is a game with all characters in it it called " Z-Fighters vs.the World " in there u can fight as dragon balls fighters or gundems or even simpsons and mario ..... search it up :D
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    Zero Punctuation: Two Worlds II

    it was a fine game ; i enjoyed playing it :D there was some new stuff in it and playing with magic cards and find combination was fun! although magic was support class for me and end up healing and boosting :D also making chest high walls so that NPC get stuk behind it ;-) loved water walk...
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    Anime Review: Toradora!, Part 1

    Nice anime indeed, but first i read it as manga !! there are some difrences between those but still same flow =-) u sure can sa what gonna happen in the end if u are a Janapan manga , anime fan ; but how he gonna do it is the difrence !! the story sure pull u with him and makes u folow all the...
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    Stolen Pixels #155: The Requsite List

    i think diablo clone war torchlight a single player RPG with 3 classes and ..... at least that is what i read other places =-)