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    What is the story behind you Username?

    It came to be due to a pun me and my friend made on the term "Night of the Living Dead" which changed to "Night of the Living Ted" which then turned undead into UnTed. I added the One to conform to username length requirements for some site.
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    A Ridiculous superpower

    The ability to generate rolls of Duck Tape in my left ear.
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    What Online Multiplayer Game should I start?

    Dofus. It has 12 Classes and a good social factor. It also has a Free to Play area to get used to everything.
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    Unused Historical Periods?

    I feel we need more games set in the Stone Age. Their are lots of games with Dinosuars and such, but how many of them u get to be a caveman? The weel can be your first car. The dialog might be a bit lacking though...
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    I have a putter under my bed

    Well, under my bed there isnt anyhing I'd use for self defense. Just board games and old robot toys. But in my closet I have a hockey stick, cricket bat, a blunt sword and a ladder. Im sure most intruders would start running if they saw me rushing at them with any of these. Especially the ladder
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    how would the world look if evryone was like you

    Really annoying because I'd keep telling myself things I already know
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    Pokemon Black and White Gameplay Video

    Damn that show is weird. So far this look good, even if all we've seen is a trainer walking is circles and a picture of combat
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    Poll: EEVEE

    I voted for leafeon, but i also agree that umbreon is damned awesome
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    Poll: What was your First Pokemon?

    Charmander. It was a choice between a wet turtle, a plant dinosuar-thing and a Dragon. It wasnt a very hard decision
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    Your first level 100 Pokemon

    The first lvl 100 i remeber was Blaziken. Thats the first legitimate anyway... My very first one was probably a MissingNo, but since it starts at lvl 120 and isn't on the pokedex i guess it doesn'y count...