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    Dark souls love

    I've been playing Dark Souls quite a bit since I picked it up a couple weeks ago after seeing some playthroughs and thinking "You know, this actually looks pretty badass. Like a very hard, very gritty Legend of Zelda." Currently stuck on Snorlax and Pikachu in Anor Londo, though. Going to try...
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    Jak and Daxter in HD

    This is grand. This is really, really grand. First SotC/Ico, then Silent Hill, then Sly Cooper, now this? If they remaster Okami next, I will die a happy man.
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    Is skyrim too easy for anyone?

    I believe they mean that they'd rather the one-shotting experience go both ways: He can stab someone once or twice and they'll go down, but they can do the same thing to him. Sadly, with the way Bethesda games work, you generally have to choose one at the expense of the other. I mean, I could...
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    OH ... MY .... **faints** ever bought a game just for 1 damn weapon???

    Wow, I'm surprised no-one's said this yet: "Fucking magnet guns: How do they work?" On topic: Can't say I've ever bought something for one weapon. Pre-ordered, on occasion, but it was a gun that shot black holes so it was worth it.
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    Poll: How do you like your meat?

    I find prefer my meat rare now. Raw, even. Perhaps.... struggling.
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    You are now in the last video you saw.

    Not do derail the thread, but this picture requires the introduction of another one. Don't blink!
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    You are now in the last video you saw.

    Welp, looks like I too am a pony. yay.
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    The Worst Thing You've Ever Done?

    I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. In all seriousness, probably when a long-time bully got into a really heavy fight with me. We both learned two things that day: 1) If I get into a fight, I don't stop unless I'm physically restrained (which at the time took four people) or one...
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    Poll: Do you want to get married?

    I'm ambivalent to it. If the better half I meet is insistent about it, then sure, why not? But as it is, I don't need a ring, a document, and a bunch of traditions and rituals to know that I love someone.
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    Poll: Renard ( For those who LOVE TECHNO )

    Ah, so Renard/Mayhem then. Cool, cool. If you like Mayhem, look into Kitsune^2. It's less techno, but chiptunes are amazing. Also look into The Queenstons, if you're one for more lyrical musics.
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    Poll: Renard ( For those who LOVE TECHNO )

    Oh hey, a fellow Renard fan on the Escapist. Hallo there! Which of his pseudonyms are your favorites? Mayhem/Queenstons/Sonitus Vir here.
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    Nintendo Holds Limited-Time Pokemon Over Fans' Heads

    Oh dear, what's this? I seem to have activated the 'give Liberty Pass' item-specific code, like I and every other person that wanted a hard-to-get pokemon has been doing since Deoxys cropped up. It's how I got him, and Darkrai, and Arceus... I understand the spirit of the hype, but saying it's...
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    Poll: What Will Your Skyrim Race Be?

    Khajiit sneaky person, as always. So now I can stop for violating a whole new set of laws!
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    Poll: Dub or Sub

    First, that presumption is at least partially wrong. Second, even if I didn't know Japanese, I would still understand what the characters were saying in the context of the subtitles. Third, the human voice has the same basic properties no matter what language it's spoken in. One can still cry...
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    Daily Drop: Salt & Pepper

    Ahahaha! That was wonderful. Okay, so maybe I do have more reason than just Yahtzee, Moviebob, and the comics to stay here.