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    Update 20 Minutes of Fallout 4 Gameplay Footage Leaked

    Wow. I decide to give this site a chance again and come back to this: An article talking about spoilers, when nothing that hasn't already been seen or heard already is here in the video. a comment thread full of people bitching and moaning about how terrible the game look or trying to sound...
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    Blip kills Xbox app

    Blip has definitely killed the app, most of the other things i have seen are now .com only as well my best guess is each show has certain number of episodes still sloted for release under the xbox system and when they run out, the app is dead forever. an announcement of some kind would have...
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    Blip kills Xbox app

    I need achievement hunter videos to keep me occupied when I'm sick of trying to be productive. The really weird thing is, Channel Awesome content is still coming out, but sometimes its slow updates. Of all the shows I've been watching on the app (shows like diamanda aren't popular enough to...
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    Blip kills Xbox app

    So ive ben notiing trouble with blip not updating correctly (up to two-week delays in new episode appearances) or updating as " only content" i finally sent blip a message asking about it, and i got a reply saying they've ended all support for the xbox version of blip and will not...
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    ... and good riddance to you! (SPOILERS ABOUND! In pretty much every post)

    Eh, Lamar was a piece of shit, but that's why he has to stick around. Franklin is not only a piece of shit, he's a piece of shit who thinks he's SO GREAT. Lamar serves to remind him (and the player) that these are the people you must deal with if you decide to be a thieving murderous dickhat...
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    The Failure of 'Dark' Fantasy

    This seems ill-informed and pretentious. Firstly, if you think that shock has no place in art, then you have a long way to go as a consumer of art. True, there is such a thing as pointless shock tactics that serve no purpose (marylin manson's whole shtick), but plenty of art pushes the...
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    Is it racist to ban the N-word? I'm confused here.

    I doubt I'm the first to mention this, but you know what else used to be unacceptable to call black people? "Black" ****** is a stupid word made by people couldn't pronounce the word "negro". That is all Are there racist assholes in the world? Fuck yes. And they will spit out the word...
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    Why do people HATE quest markers?

    Morrowind has exactly ONE instance of wrong directions, and the map denotes exactly who's house is where. Skyrim has NO instructions on where to find anything, and is entirely dependent on quest markers to function. The problem with quest markers isn't that they exist, it's what that...
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    Update: Net Neutrality Restrictions Struck Down by U.S. Appeals Court

    The more promise anything has, the more it has to be ruined. I'll just be over here, waiting for the doom of all I enjoy to arrive, whereupon my violent, and ultimately futile, rebellion against society will occur. Then, like Ahab, I will doggedly pursue my own spite and meet my destruction...
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    Poll: New Forum Rules: Yay or Nay?

    The word is "yea" c'mon people. Anyway, I'm annoyed that is in the documentation. It is a bullshit line made to cover asses the next time someone (seems to usually be Moviebob, at least in my case) says something grossly ignorant/offensive and pisses off the userbase to the point where...
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    Zelda-Influenced Short Film Escape to Get Feature-Length Sequel

    I hate to be the wet blanket but... I am not confident in this effort. Escape... isn't very good. I mean, I get that its sad, but it isn't well put together, and fails to offer up any real point. its just 8 minutes of "this girl's life sucks" without any greater purpose.
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    Marvel Reveals Official Guardians of the Galaxy Synopsis

    rocket... racoon. This is not something you are supposed to take seriously. relax
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    The Simpsons Get Even Yellow-er With Official LEGO Set

    I invite you both to reread the last line of my post, and evaluate just how serious I was being.
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    The Simpsons Get Even Yellow-er With Official LEGO Set

    the fuck? So, FIREFLY is too adult for Lego, but the SIMPSONS gets a green light? The show that has an unrepentant alcoholic hero? That celebrates the insane and violent acts of destruction of its cast? That promotes JAZZ?!
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    Mass Effect 4: Sequel?

    Here's why you're wrong: They DID say that Shepard wasn't indoctrinated, and that the Indoctrination Theory was wrong. You are remembering one piece of that announcement (the part about it being interesting) in a desperate attempt to cling to hope that Mass Effect didn't shit the bed. They...