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    Dark Souls 2 help!!!

    Thank you! It's more info than I've found anywhere else. You've given me somewhere to start, at least (:
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    Dark Souls 2 help!!!

    Ok, I just spent the past 20 minutes scouring other forums and I can't seem to find anything. Soo, I came to you guys. Would anyone, by chance, know how to use the boltstone, or just how to imbue your weapons in general?
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    Why Haven't I Played Bioshock Infinite?

    Ah, I think I see what you're saying. Yes, they probably could've handled that better. It was treated more as an accepted gameplay mechanic rather than an acknowledged 'superpower' to the citizens of Columbia.
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    Why Haven't I Played Bioshock Infinite?

    Aren't we supposed to be aware of the blending after a certain point? Like a 'revelation' type of deal.
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    Why Haven't I Played Bioshock Infinite?

    Isn't that sort of the point with the game being based on multiple dimensions blending together? EDIT: Unless you were referring to the crows themselves, which I can see what you mean.
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    I never died in Dark Souls.

    No. I thought everyone did that....
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    Biggest plot holes in games

    That's not really a plot hole. More just the archetype of an antihero.
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    The Escapist's Game of the Year 2012

    This.. can't end well. Ah, well. I loved Mass Effect 3 down to the bitter bone of an ending. The game was amazing, and well deserved of the title imo.
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    Poll: So what do you call it: Soft Drink, Pop, Soda, Soda Pop?

    I use soda/pop interchangeably. West Virginia here.
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    Poll: Let us remember The Banned...

    Whether anyone liked Max or not.. he was a god among this forum. ..I miss him dearly.
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    PC gamers, can i have your opinion on a build?

    I'd also get an optical drive, and a non-stock heat-sink. But that's just me. Which is what I said.
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    PC gamers, can i have your opinion on a build?

    Personally I'd get a larger PSU, but that's just me. You will definitely want a 1-3 TB hard drive, assuming you're not transferring over an old computer's HDD. Everything is just dandy, and the case is big definitely big enough for future additions. (:
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    Poll: Does pirating a game to test it make it okay?

    These two suggestions should be the adequate response to the morality of PC pirating. (Excluding unobtainable games.) And thanks to youtube, you can see how gameplay is on similar specs to your computer. Assuming you know the basics of PC hardware, it shouldn't be hard to compare. *Note...
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    Badass Tank with lady parts

    Lydia seemed to be a decent aggro machine in Skyrim until a giant sent her to Mars.
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    Favorite Youtubers?

    Hmm.. pretty much the crew from the TGS podcast. OMFGcata- Definitely funny. Jesse cox is perhaps my favorite youtuber. Plays a variety of games. Totalbiscuit- Does many "first impressions" and Q/A's, and he has a decent judgment of games. Plus he's very funny and cynical. Dodger- I...