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    GWAR Horrifies & Entertains With Messed Up Caroling

    Awesomeness just well as jumping the shark.
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    Question of the Day, December 20, 2010

    360 + Netflix for the win Pat.
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    Fan Creates Edgey McEdgerson's Hedge Edger from ENN Joke

    Holy Shit! That was AWESOME!! ..And I got the bad ending!
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    There's Cheese In Space, And It's Not The Moon

    ...And nobody cracked that thing open. They were in orbit for three hours! Damn I hungry! And why is there no mention of any wine to accompany this lonely fromage! A faux pas I call! Damn I'm cosmopolitan...
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    Mass Effect 3 Appears on EA Store, Disappears Very Quickly

    I stand corrected thinking it was a new IP. Now excuse me as I flog myself...
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    Question of the Day, December 10, 2010

    I want to say a new MMO, but or just a new IP. I don't think it's ME3 because there is no feeling of familiarity that comes with it. Besides the poss. sniper rifle similarity, they would through us a bigger bone to get us hyped that we would more easily recognize for ME3 (IMO).
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    Batman Shows His Annoyed Face in Arkham City Teaser

    Huzzah my fellow miscreants! The AWESOME is about to be served!
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    Mass Effect 2 tiny text

    As far as I know they did not. If memory serves me right; Bioware actually commented on the problem that some people were having regarding the text with some sympathy for the issue, but no resolution. In addition they also said that the text appearance was worsened by playing the game on a...
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    3 Fans + 24 + 86 Hours = $10,000 and A Guinness World Record

    This is one contest were first is the only placing otherwise it is just a fail. I wonder how long did last dropout last? That is a new definition of a time sponge.
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    Man Creates Working Star Trek Door

    All that, and he thought of nicely incorporating it nicely into his home without it screaming geek to the untrained eye, or ear for that matter. Well done sir!
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    Idaho White supremacist builds kkk snowman

    10 Feet! That's a lot of work just to show off your douchiness.
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    Question of the Day, December 2, 2010

    Pomegranate. Small, self contained in its skin, and there's a lot of them to use as walking around money. Plus, it's said to be the actual "apple" that was the fruit of knowledge that tempted Eve (fun fact!)
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    BioWare: Gamers Prefer a Manly Shepard

    You know it playa, and had my way with Miss Tali'Zorah vas Normandy! Oh, the suit contamination we shared!
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    Whats your first memory of Gaming

    Super Mario Bros. when it first came out. I was @ 13 (you do the math) and I started doing odd & after school jobs for money to buy it myself (I got the system as a present). I think the store in NYC where I bought it was called Crazy Eddie (way defunct now). Haven't thoght about htat in...