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    Steam trade, Please help me out

    Would anyone be willing to accept 'don't starve' for 'Knights of the old republic'. I know it's not a very good deal but maybe you could help a fellow out?
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    The new World War Z trailer

    Trust me, this film is pretty much nothing like the book. The only thing they share is the name.
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    Assassin's Creed III DLC Introduces King George Washington

    This only stands if it is day one DLC (or within a couple of weeks of the games release). The Dev team have completed the game, they have no reason to not start DLC.
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    Fallout Fan Takes On Bethesda's Lawyers

    Damn...I wish I knew about that website before all this happened
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    21st Century Children and Respect

    I don't understand this thread, I mean...I don't find 'The Thing' scary but respect it for having amazing special affects. The same for 'Alien' I respect the build up of atmosphere and the design of everything. I'm not entirely sure this is even what you mean...
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    April Fools 2012 Collection Bidoof...Bidoof everywhere
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    Draw the game you are currently playing in MS paint

    This is the most amazing piece of art you will ever see...It will touch you in ways you didn't think you could be touched
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    Skyrim just got released 10 hours early in Australia

    Anyone know If GAME (Uk) are selling it early? On Topic: Damn australians...
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    The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

    The Unova region...Cool as long as I can visit Kanto.
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    How do you react to pain?

    Usually followed by inventive swearing.
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    Minecraft 1.8 problems?

    My single player is unplayable now, Most of the people I have spoken to Have said that it has become incredibly laggy for them too.
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    You are now the incarnation of all that is evil... what is your theme song?

    I Was going to post "when you're evil" but decided to go with...
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    Poll: Who are you using in Dead Isand?

    I'm playing as Sam B, he is pretty likeable in the book.
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    How are you Internet Famous?

    I'm not bragging but my Youtube videos collective view count is 313...
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    50 Realistic (ish) Pokemon Designs.

    Mewtwo's head really reminds me of Voldermort.