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    You vs Your Avatar.

    I could take down a Norn... Unless... YOU'RE OUT OF RAGE. I NEED TO BE FACING THAT TARGET. I'm out of range. I'M OUT OF RAGE! I NEED MORE RAGE!....
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    Personal motto or catchphrase

    I love to quote my grandparents: "SHIT" "GODDAMMIT" Or I just use underused words to confuzzle people. If I had to pick my own "catch phrase" though, it would be - YOU REQUIRE MORE PYLONS TO READ THE REST OF THIS POST. Or more simply, the real answer: "My favourite thing to do is to...
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    Game's you've played that you think few others have experienced and really should

    Steel Lancer Arena International. Solid story. Fun gameplay. Decent graphics. I'm sad I lost it :(
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    Tomorrow I start high school.

    It's cool but only if you're in clubs. If not then it's just like middle school. Oh, and if you live in a K-5,6-8,9-12 you become freshmeat. You will be picked on unless you complain about it. Then we have to stop or we get sued. Sad times. If I could tell myself then anything it would be...
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    Poll: Torchlight 2, everything Diablo 3 should have?

    TL2 all the way. I hate not having a gaming PC, and only 2 titles will force me to upgrade my 9 year old hunk of junk. And D3 is NOT one of them. TL2 however, will have a console port and lower system reqs.
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    Battlefield 3 won't be available on Steam.

    The only EA game I intend to get for the PC is SW:TOR, and I'll just get a physical copy. I still like a bunch of their games, but Console ports are just less hassle intensive.
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    Someone explain the Mass Effect Series to me, please?

    Which Geth? Geth are programs that become more effective when they can communicate with more geth programs. They kicked the Quarians off of their homeworld about 300 years before the First Contact War. Recently, a majority of Geth programs and mobile platforms have schism-ed from the...
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    Which video game universe would you most like to live in?

    Depends on whether or not I would receive any special powers or whatnot if I went there. If not, none. If so, TES universe probably.
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    Have you left WoW and if so why.

    Yes. It just got to a point where I realized WoW was absolutely pants-on-head retarded. Then I started playing other MMO's that had more emphasis on character and story development, like LotRO or Guild Wars.
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    People that criticize games purely on graphics

    Yes. Because just imagine people making those sounds at a tournament or huge event. It is truly mind boggling! OT: I don't think so. My favourite games of all time came out years ago and have terrible graphics. (Morrowind, KotOR) That doesn't make them any less awesome, though!
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    Using your nostalgia glasses, what is your favorite game?

    Either KotOR or Morrowind. Really, hard call. Stuff like Halo though makes me sad. 12666 players at peak times is quite a fall.
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    Critical Miss: Origin

    Super funny stuff: It's ALWAYS THERE. Until you play a game, unlike Steam. Hypocrites.
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    Derp 6-18-1994 derp I don't care anymore. My thoughts. It used to be annoying till I learned ESRB liked Battlefield: Bad Company. Then I was like "Shut up and take my money!" Now I can say that about anything except unrated. Yaaaay I can proudly buy ME3 and Skyrim with my own money, after...
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    The Suicide Mission

    Jace Beleren (From worldwake) for mindrape. Vivec for lols. Boom.
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    Poll: Who is your favorite game developer?

    Bioware. Simple as that really. But no it's not, honestly it's a tie. Bioware-Bethesda-Valve