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    Microsoft Bought Minecraft for How Much?

    That's why there hasn't been a single Call of Duty game since Call of Duty 4 because of it's highly customizable mod tools.
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    Microsoft Bought Minecraft for How Much?

    Here's one radical idea: Minecraft 2
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    Infinity Ward Merging With Neversoft to Form Single "Super Studio"

    I'd pay good money for a game in which you can do a a frontside 180 ollie headshot combo.
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    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Will Launch on or Before 12/20/14

    $50? Blizzard is really milking what's left of that cow...
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    Medieval Horror Tabletop RPG Shadows of Esteren Enters 4th Kickstarter

    What's with the Kickstarter hate? This is a niche tabletop RPG with physical items that have an upfront cost to make. I doubt they make enough in profits to fund the next expansion all by themselves.
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    Chinese World of Warcraft Frauds Sent To Prison

    So what do we do to with people that bought gold of of those guys? Should they be extradited to the Chinese government to stand trial?
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    Chinese World of Warcraft Frauds Sent To Prison

    What exactly did these guys steal?
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    Chinese World of Warcraft Frauds Sent To Prison

    Are you honestly saying that you believe that 2 years in a Chinese prison for pilfering some virtual gold is actually justice?
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    Good Old Reviews: Fallout

    The key to enjoying Fallout infinitely more is to realize there is no right path and there is no right thing. If you ever get around to playing Fallout 2, don't focus on the goal and progressing towards it, instead just focus on the journey.
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    Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review - Old and Improved

    There's three parts to the Bhaalspawn's story: BG1, BG2 and ToB. TotSC is generally considered part of Part 1(BG1) because it's all sidequests and no main story.
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    Colin Farrell Says Warcraft Script Is "Really, Really Cool"

    The same day as Episode VII? $10 says it gets pushed.
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    Battlefield 4 Teams With Axe For Embarrassing Cross-Promotion

    You're right. There are no female characters in Battlefield, that should totally be two guys almost kissing in the video.
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    Escapist News Now: Call of Duty Players - Not Even Gamers

    And if one is playing just CoD and other shooters, then they're a "problem"? Elitist much?
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    Game franchises where you like less popular entry the best?

    If you google "best mass effect poll" ME2 wins most of them. Notable exception is on this forum, where it ties with ME1.
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    Infinity Ward Says Call of Duty Players Aren't "Hardcore Gamers"

    CoD is a game. Because they're clearly enthusiastic about a video game people who play it for thousands of hours are clearly gamers. Anything else is bullshit.