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    Controversial Fire Emblem: Fates Scene Dropped From Western Releases

    As I said, nowhere in the game is she ever confirmed to be strictly homosexual, bisexual, straight, demisexual or anything. In fact, the only confirmed relationship she can have is with the male MC, which would imply straight. But again, it's never specifically alluded to, it's just that the...
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    Controversial Fire Emblem: Fates Scene Dropped From Western Releases

    Soleil is not fucking gay. She just likes cute girls in a platonic manner. At no point in the game is it ever confirmed that she's actually homosexual. She may be bisexual at most. In fact, they've completely misrepresented her character here entirely, since she really just likes to seem like a...
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    Poll: Vote for the Reader's Choice GOTY for 2015!

    Well, I haven't played any of those games except Witcher 3. So I guess that gets my vote. Just how out of touch with western gaming have I gotten lately?
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    Female Form Appreciation Mark 2

    There's an English version coming out in March 2016. At the current time there is a dedicated English playerbase, and if you'd like I can link you a guide with plenty of translations and info on how to play. There's no loss to starting now, because the English option will just be an option on...
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    Female Form Appreciation Mark 2

    I've been playing a lot of Granblue Fantasy lately and I really love the character designs in that game. And on that note, I present to you some of my favourite girls from Granblue: First character is Narumea: Next up is Cagliostro: Do you guys like lesbian Yanderes? I sure as hell...
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    Swearing Actually a Sign of Intelligence, Suggests Brilliant F*cking Study

    That's how I took it. I figured they mean that the more coherently you're able to weave your fucks with your cunts was a better indication than simply saying the word shitcock over and over and looking proud of yourself.
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    Carrie Fisher Says Discontinuing "Slave Leia" Merchandise is "Stupid"

    I agree with her. You can't empower women by sticking them in a gilded cage and never let anything bad happen to them. Like she says, something bad happened to Leia and Leia dealt with it and came out on top. She wouldn't have been half as interesting of a character if she didn't face some form...
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    Psychonauts 2 Crowfunding Campaign Announced

    I want Psychonauts 2. But I don't want to give Tim Schafer money. Sorry, but I'm keeping my money. Tim Schafer can either hire an accountant to manage the funds or fuck off.
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    Koei Tecmo Confirms No Western Release for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

    It's like watching people dancing on a grave that hasn't been dug yet. Or filled with a corpse. But there's definitely a corpse there. The corpse of someone with a different opinion to them. And they'll dance til they drop.
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    The "Absolute Territory" terrifies me as a concept

    Well, the term was originally a Neon Genesis Evangelion quote referring to how AT Field was written in hiragana in the series, but it actually got really popular and entered to daily vernacular of Japanese teenagers and young adults thanks to Gyaru Culture []...
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    HuniePop Dev Offers $1 Million for Right to Publish Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in US

    I hate that a game has to sell 5million copies on day 1 to be considered a success these days. There was once a time where a 100,000 player MMO was considered a beast of a success. Let's be honest here, with a game like DOAX, they can probably recoup their expenses at around 20k copies at full...
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    "Just go watch Porn!" (Probably NFSW, duh)

    Sometimes I like to look at titties but I don't want to fap. That's where games like this come in. I can also have a bit of fun playing volleyball/whatever and it hurts no one.
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    Cheek biting while gaming and suggestions on how to stop.

    I used to have a bad habit of biting my lips when I played too hard. Think hardcore progression raiding in WoW or playing Legendary in Halo. I stopped it by sucking on lollipops while gaming for a few months and it broke the hanit entirely.
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    DOAX3 officially not being localized for the west

    And to be honest, the simplest way to achieve this would be to spend less time whining online about the sexy women in some games and to spend more time playing video games without sexy women in them. But we just keep on seeing threads and articles about how awful Team Ninja games are for having...
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    [Spoilers] Legacy of the Void Epilogue -- I can finally empathize with the hate for ME3's ending.

    Kerrigan was given power over creation itself when she transcended into Xel'Naga. Is it any surprise that she could choose her own body or change its appearance at will? Would you have chosen to be a lovecraftian horror if you could choose your form? I'm sure some would, but after having her...