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    Zero Punctuation: Unavowed

    Loved one of Wadjet Eye's earlier games; Primordia, also a point-and-clicker with well-written characters, interesting universe in which you are immersed cleverly through visuals and narrative tidbits sprinkled here and there without feeling overwhelming. Seems like I need to give this one a...
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    Controversial Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Series Comes to an End

    All she did was incite discussion and bring different viewpoints to the table. Never did and still don't understand why that is deserving of all the shite-flinging apparent here and wherever. Challenging the status quo either tears it down for it's issues, or affirms it's position for it's...
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    There's Not Much Role-Playing in Role-Playing Games These Days

    For me personally, roleplaying in roleplaying games is part the game's ability to immerse you in the story and the world and part you yourself willing to roleplay. Imagination goes a long way, and I feel as long as the game gives you even the illusion of choice and consequence, that coupled...
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    #169: Coming Back Up

    Wonder if in the next chapter we'll get a "Mars Attacks"-esque scenario where Erin et al drive about making everyone hurl their crystal insides out by forcing the chasers to come after them on foot. I bet that'd be hilarious to draw. A whole strip of projectile vomiting!
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    Bioware GM Says Mass Effect: Andromeda is "Totally Softcore Space Porn"

    I don't understand why nudity or sex is such an outrage... It's not like you're forced to flagellate yourself when you have "nasty thoughts" while playing a game nor is god going to come to make the backs of your hands grow hair if you have a wank. I'm tired of people treating sex and...
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    Zero Punctuation: Watch_Dogs 2

    Well, hey, at least the trailers, ads and the gameplay presentation that I saw at E3 were honest this time around regarding a video game! The premise looked borked from the get go and gosh if they didn't deliver. My head hurts from all the eye-rolling whenever I heard the ad go "Hello world, I'm...
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    Major Changes Coming to Destiny on PS3 and Xbox 360 in August

    I suppose it'd be easy to feel a bit betrayed if you've sunk lots of time playing on the older gen when the game still works, and don't have the necessary capital at hand to upgrade. That said, I personally liked how Bungie at least doesn't charge for the game if you already own it. For...
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Gods of Egypt

    Oh come on Yahtz, Pillars of Eternity is a great game in it's genre! Any publicity is good publicity they say, but since your word carries a bit of weight too; don't tread upon it!
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    Video Game Voice Actors Vote In Favor of Strike

    So, you'd also say that any of the most bankable actors you see in the movies could very well be replaced by any random person from the street? Acting is an art, and people get better at it the more they do it. Voice acting doesn't differ from it, you might even say that since you cannot use...
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    Video Game Voice Actors Vote In Favor of Strike

    I don't understand why everyone is antagonizing these people for wanting more money off their work, especially since the terms are "pay us more, after our contribution along with others' involved brought us these good returns from which to pay us from." It isn't like they're going on strike...
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    Choose a new voice actor for Destiny's Ghost

    Kelsey Grammer portraying a condescending Sideshow Bob. As a bonus he could do snide remarks whenever the dialogue is silly. "Ugh, -who- wrote all of this? The Great Bard would turn in his grave!!"
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    What if the Godzilla Game Had Been Good?

    I think they could've gone on the route of Truck Simulator or the like and just make it a game about you smashing stuff that don't really pose a threat as Godzilla until you get tired of the whole thing, thus making all the homicidal little kiddies because of whom aussies get silly regulations...
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    The BioWare Romance Trap

    I like that the romance options are there, it's very captivating. For example my most memorable moments of DA:I is romancing Sera. The rest of the game was more or less fluff, I just wanted to move on with the story to listen to her talk a few more moments. In Mass Effects, I really enjoyed...
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    Halo 5 Drops Split-Screen, Requires Xbox Live Gold for Online Co-Op

    No no no no no no. *smacks head on the table* *sigh* I guess there goes the last decent local co-op game franchise for consoles. Xbone and Pisspoor can go suck a lemon, there is literally nothing currently that even remotely interests me in buying either of the sodding things. Grr.
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    An incomplete story from Sanctuary. (Diablo 3: RoS)

    From Arreat to the High Heavens "Malthael is vanguished. His broken body, scattered to the four winds. These dwellers of realms beyond... Give me a mortal corpse, anytime. But these leave no semblance of permanent death... It makes me doubt myself. Have I done enough. Have I truly...