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    The Pickup Artist

    Graphically mediocre, but superb art-direction
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    Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 016: A Dame To Flop For

    Quick note, Fault in our Stars came out in june, against Trans4mers. And one of the big reasons it succeded is because the author is huge on youtube. Vlogbrothers, check it out.
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    Trailers: Dungeons & Dragons:Tyranny of Dragons Launch Trailer

    Heh, went here to make Nightvale joke, got sniped by the staff, nice.
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    Escapist Podcast - Science and Tech: 011: A Supercomputer Is Managing Our Nuclear Warheads

    Hm, so I think you're being a bit hard on Greenpeace on the LEGO thing. Not that it's hamfisted or over the top but just what they're trying to acieve. So they aren't trying to stop lego using oil in their products, just stop cooperating with Shell, who are a major enviorment bad-guy. Like...
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    Escapist Podcast - Tabletop: 006: Dungeons & Dragons First Impressions

    I have to dissagree with you (one of you, can't be bothered to check who said what)on the inspiration rules. I think if you can make a shy player act out by giving inspiration you should most definately give inspiration where a more seasoned player would have to work harder. Your job as GM is...
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    Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 006: Ant-Man, Orange is the New Black and Tom Cruise's fading star

    When concidering TFOIS box office I think you have to concider the HUGE fanbase John and his brother Hank Green has. They have been cultivating a community since the dawn of youtube that have been a huge driving force in the marketing of the movie.
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    ComiXology Update Removes In-App Purchases for iOS Users

    I wonder how much money they'll end up saving. Sure, 30% is alot but the ease of browsing the app is not matched by their new storefront so I think they'll loose a few customers this way. I know a lot of my purchases are made from me just browsing while bored. Something I don't see myself doing...
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    Escapist Podcast: 132: OKCupid, Mozilla & Other Really Poor Business Choices

    On a lighter note, favorite genre actor:Vinnie Jones
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    Escapist Podcast: 132: OKCupid, Mozilla & Other Really Poor Business Choices

    No. Just no. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences. If you spend money to prevent freedom of others and people working for you and your costumers are not comfortable with that then out you go. Listen if you are a homophobe, I can't stop you but if you actively try and stop people...
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    Users Accidentally Buy Items on PS4 PSN Store Using DualShock 4 for PS3

    This almost happened to me. was playing something on my ps3 with the Dualshock4 controller and when I switched to my ps4 it was turned on an in some menu. Fortunately I hadn't purchased anything
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    Harry Potter Author Admits Ron Shouldn't Have Ended With Hermione

    Come on Escapist, I love you guys, but putting headlines like this is just clickbait, bordering on lies. She never said anything on Hermione/Harry and it's not like people need incentive to read any article on HP.
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    Miracle of Sound: Call of Home (The Hobbit Song)

    This was beautiful. If I have one complaint it's that I feel you almost gave us a medley of five songs I'd really want to have full versions of. Great work
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    Alan Turing Receives Royal Pardon For Homosexuality Conviction

    God, if you're feeling too upbeat, just read the coments on a genuinely great thing on Christmas eve and you'll get down to earth. Seriously, this is great and important.
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    GOG Adds Viking-Themed Action Fest Rune

    Oh man. This game brings back memories. Back when we got our first "power computer" via mom's work this was the first game I bought for myself for it. Never actually finished it, but me and my brother used to play the local multiplayer a lot. Maybe gonna have to check this one out
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    Dead Grey Art Day

    Can't really argue with you, but since Megatokyo was the comic that opened the door to a lot of the things I am interested in today, I still think of it fondly. Kinda in the same way that even though I know Donnie Darko is kinda shit, it was one of the first movies to expand my horizons, so I...