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    Do you still watch Zero Punctuation every week?

    Big Picture on Tuesday, Zero Punctuation on Wednesday (now also Extra Credits the same day) and Escape to the Movies on Thursday.
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    Your thoughts about DLC

    Hey there, Escapists. Here's something that's probably been discussed before, but lately it's been getting a little out of hand so I wanted you to share your thoughts on this. What are your thoughts on the DLC that companies have brought out lately? I'm a huge anti-fan of DLC, to the point...
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    Sony Adds PS2 Cult Classics to PSN

    Awesome. First games announced and I'm already getting two of them for sure (God Hand and Odin Sphere). Kidding. I have them for PS2, but I salute Sony for finally fusing the 3 consoles together, sorta.
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    Where do you go for your gaming news?

    Kotaku for game articles. GameTrailers for videos.
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    Deus Ex Gets Metroid Treatment in New DLC

    Huh. So if I understand this correctly, this DLC has direct correlation to the main story. I hate these kinds of DLC. You're supposed to pay 60 bucks for the whole game, not 60 bucks for an incomplete game and then who knows how much more for the rest of it.
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    Poll: Do you watch anime and/or read manga?

    Love my manga and anime fuck yea. I'm reading Claymore right now, actually. That answer your question?
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    Poll: Catherine or Katherine?

    I'll get to play it on August 6th, since that's when the Love is Over Edition I pre-ordered reaches my country.
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    Poll: 3ds or Playstation Vita?

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    Poll: 3ds or Playstation Vita?

    Seeing all the trouble Nintendo has porting the DS games to the 3DS, that's a reason for me to lean towards the Vita. That and the fact that the technology is too new and doesn't work so well.
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    My friend needs help...

    That card is a crappy notebook card with no RAM of its own (it steals from the system's RAM). Not many games (if any at all) can be playable with such cards, unfortunately. My notebook suffers from the same problem.
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    Poll: Should I get the Catherine delux edition?

    I've already preordered Love is Over =3 The thing is: according to early reviews, the game has a really nice replay value with battle modes and a lot of things changing depending on how you handle yourself through the game and regarding your two love interests. So maybe you will have some...
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    Poll: When Do You Think FF: Versus XIII Is Coming Out?

    End of 2012, hopefully. I'm not keeping my hopes up, this may turn out to be another eternal wait. But hey, dreaming is still free.
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    Sony, Pre-owned games and DRM

    Dear Sony, Stop treating your consumers like fucking idiots and just come out and say the truth: you want money from the used sales game business. There's nothing wrong with that, you're a corporation, you want money. But don't try to say that this is about us gamers and enhancing your...
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    ME2 SPOILERS: Which squad member...

    I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong, but I ended up losing Jack. Didn't care though, that ***** had it coming.
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    inFAMOUS 2, Alice: Madness Returns, or F.E.A.R. 3

    I'd say Infamous 2. It has better reviews, looks like a fun game with a high replay value, and an improved version of the first Infamous, which itself was pretty neat. Alice, I wouldn't pay full price for it. Maybe when it's around 30 bucks. F.E.A.R. 3.... can't say. The first one was...