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    Why illegalizing guns will not work in the U.S

    I live in Puerto Rico, where owning a gun legally is considered a privilege due to how expensive the government has made the process. You have to spend almost 2k before you're even allowed to touch a gun. Meanwhile, illegal guns are so prevalent that they even rent out illegal guns to criminals...
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    Skyrim hardcopy and Steam DLC possible?

    Thanks man that's all I needed to hear.
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    USPTO Suspends The War Z Trademark

    The hell is wrong with these people?!?!
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    Skyrim hardcopy and Steam DLC possible?

    Like the title says, I have a store bought copy of Skyrim and I want to buy the DLC on steam. Skyrim connects through steam so I assume there shouldn't be any problem, but does anyone know for sure that it'll be good?
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    New Maya Discovery Casts Doubt on World's Imminent Demise

    That's a damn shame, I was looking forward to huge groups of simpletons killing themselves for the betterment of mankind.
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    Weeping Infant Killed For Disturbing Dad's Gaming

    Pussy ass country against beheadings, this sub-human not only does not deserve life, but he deserves a gruesome death.
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    Where is my Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack?

    Ok so I bought a physical copy of the Collector's Edition for ME3 and installed the soundtrack, but where the hell is it? I can't find it anywhere. It's downloaded correctly and I checked the Origin games folder but it's empty.
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    Mass Effect 3's Ending Was Intended To Polarize

    So to get more endings we have to buy DLC. How about in one of the DLC you simply explain how the original 3 endings make any sense with the game lore. It's a miracle that they didn't go all sopranos on us and cut out right when the big moment was to occur. I got the best ending possible and...
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    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Review

    One thing I noticed playing the multiplayer demo(Picking up my ME3 copy at the post office tomorrow), if you do really well in a match, like really far ahead points wise from the rest of the team, some might let you die just to get a chance to pass you in points. I ran into this FAR too often...
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    "Family Values" Groups Launch Email Campaign Against BioWare

    That makes me want to buy the game and subscribe for a year simply to make a character whose sole purpose in life is blowing other dudes so I can send the videos to these good christian people.
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    BioWare Defends Mass Effect 3 Launch-Day DLC

    A 10 dollar DLC might end up costing them millions in potential buyers that are turned off because of this, whereas the announcement that a 10 dollar DLC that includes a Protean will be included in all versions for free might have brought in people that might not have bought it or were on the...
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    UPDATE: Activision (Allegedly) Livid About Black Ops 2 Reveal

    Why not just get it over with and replace the title with the year it comes out? CoD 2012 is more appropriate, cause like Madden, nothing changes from one to the next.
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    Far Cry 3 Trailer Arrives a Day Early

    Am I the only one that after the dude said "i'm on a boat", went SHAWTYYYY! And yes, less faggy dubstep, like 100% less. Electronic wub wub wub sounds are not music. Music is played with instruments, not on some shitty sound effect program on a PC.
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    Dear Origin, You Stink

    This article just made everyone realize how much they loves their steam account. And the impulse buy thing is spot on. An impulse buy got me Terraria for $2.50 before Steam noticed the mistake and raised it to $5. It has allowed me to try franchises I would have normally passed on, for example...
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    Anonymous Exacts Revenge for Megaupload Takedown

    So anon can announce attacks on twitter, yet my account gets suspended the same day I make it without even so much as writing a curse word or posting anything illegal. Seriously, fuck twitter.