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    You and your avatar are now trapped on a deserted island.

    The Evil League of Evil? Yeah, they probably use the island as a hideout for their doomsday machine or something and are planning to destroy a nearby continent... I just hope I can prove myself and be excepted into their league so they won't leave me locked outside to starve or outright kill me.
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    Ok enough arguing over DA2's gameplay, how is the story?

    Unfortunately, the story is really boring. You spend the entire time cleaning up other peoples' messes and there seemed to be less dialog with your companions. Overall kind of a disappointment, but maybe my standards for Bioware games are set way too high. I expect a lot from them. There were...
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    Your Zombie Apocalypse outfit?

    Love it! I go hiking/camping a lot so I'd be fine carrying a backpack, but I'd rather go as light as possible for quick getaways. As to what I'd be wearing, I've already got it so I wouldn't need to plunder much. Picture Alice's outfit in the Resident Evil: Extinction movie but a little...
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    I want to get into Visual Novels.

    Yeah, the big question is: Can you speak Japanese? I found a couple titles off of Wikipedia and went from there and ended up discovering some sites that hosted a ton but they were all in Japanese. Luckily I know a little and with the help of a translator to get through the more obscure kanji I...
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    You have just KILLED your avatar!

    I... I killed the Evil League of Evil??! I didn't even know Bad Horse could be defeated! I'm not sure if I should celebrate, mourn, or be nervous that he might somehow come back and trample me...
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    Poll: What Instrument do you play?

    My school made us pick up an instrument so I chose Trumpet. Played it for about 5 years but I didn't like it much. Contemplating picking up the Piano or Violin, although not sure when I'd have time.
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    Best/Most Fun character you've made for a DND Game

    I only got into Dungeons and Dragons recently. I didn't really have an opportunity to play when I was younger. The second character I made was an insane warlock built as if she was a worshiper of a cosmic horror from the Cthulhu mythos. She wasn't strictly evil, she could just hear the...
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    Am i the only one who likes DA2?

    I thought the plot was boring. Sure, it's nice not having to save the world AGAIN, but the overwhelming sense of doom and the knowledge that neither side should really win but you'll have to side with someone eventually anyway sort of made me stop caring. There was nothing in the plot that...
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    Poll: Dragon Age: II's main problem

    Eh, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't play an elf, but I tend to think that the main problem is the boring story. I kind of avoided most of the stuff involving the templars and mages in the first game, so making that the main focus of the second... Granted I haven't beaten it yet and I...
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    Why does every RPG receive so much hate?

    Hey, I'm just happy when a true RPG gets released! They last me about a week and once they are done there aren't many other games I'm interested in. Bioware and Bethesda are pretty much the only companies that make descent ones so yeah, I'm not really gonna complain much.
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    Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2: The Conversation Wheel

    Love it! Also, I still feel like a lot of what my character says is ignored. I always loved playing Baldur's Gate because there were a ton of options and while they usually end up in the same place, at least you really felt like you were the main character. I like having a voiced character, but...
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    The Best Book/Book Series You've Ever Read?

    The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Awesome series, definitely worth the read. Every single person I have recommended it to have had nothing but wonderful things to say about it.
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    Okay "Star Wars: The Old Republic" looks like shit. Now what?

    It's Bioware, so I'll get it. The story is pretty much guaranteed to be great and that's all that matters. Besides, the graphics are better than WoW.
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    Female Gamers?

    Yup, I'm also a girl gamer. How's it going?
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    Male Gamers?

    I'm sorry, this is all I could think about. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an Alot of games, so have this instead since I know we all love our video games: