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    Fan Cuts The Hobbit Trilogy Into a Single, Four-Hour Movie

    I like how everyone forgets the Lord of the Rings was a single book cut into 3 by the editor for easier publishing.
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    IGDA Calls Out "Predatory" Candy Crush Trademark Claims

    "Adult supervision is required" --Calvin Candie
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    What Your Archmage Build Says About You

    Bethesda must be all over this guy.
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    Dutch Porn Star Awkwardly Uninvited From Modern Warfare 3 Launch Party

    Wait a minute. Activision throws a VIP party for a freaking video game, in Amsterdam of all places, wich is probably just an excuse for hoes, cocaine and gun dealing; and then it uninvites a porn star? WTF?
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    Escape to the Movies: In Time

    Wait a minute, a guy from the in-group gives an outsider his hall pass? That IS Gattaca!
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    Documentary Reveals The Harsh World Of Competitive Quidditch

    Judging from the video, if you lose the brooms it's just too much like rugby.
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    So an Escapist walks into a bar and...

    All I know is most Escapists see their glasses half empty. So that should be taken into account by never filling the glass the drink is poured into. And if you want to go by the literal meaning of our name, the drink in question should knock you out of reality. And if it makes you hallucinate...
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    Poll: Students launch a poster campaign against racist costume

    Being morally offended is pointless. Now, when say, a Harvard Law student, says something racist, you should be politically threatened, not offended, because this person might very well rise to power and become able to enforce their racist views, and that's a real problem. I especially hate...
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    What Skyrim Learned from Fallout 3

    Their games are buggy on all platforms. If anything, they should focus the least on the PC for the fixing, since modders can finish the job (again).
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    I scared myself. Now I can't sleep. HELP ME

    It's probably the whole "the word is made of music" mambo-jambo.
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    Dragon Rage Abounds In Live-Action Skyrim Trailer

    At around 0:30 a guard removes his helmet to scream "Run!". I guess it was enchanted with the Silence effect from Oblivion.
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    Jimquisition: National Kirby Day

    A Cthulhu game could easily be made by modding a Kirby game.
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    What's so great about skinny women?

    The internet found the answer to this question a long time ago: Tits or GTFO. So go big or go home.
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    Zero Punctuation: Hard Reset

    I knew something fishy was going on when he showed Halo Wars as a beloved RTS. Also, Klingon Opera!
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    Who buys shooters for single player?

    I also play CoD for the story. And it's not like there's anything else pushing you to succeed in single player.