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    Zero Punctuation: Hot Coffee

    Have you read the article you posted? I read it several weeks ago. My favorite quote from it is this: "All of the state and federal officials agreed that no votes were changed and no voters were removed from voter roles as a result of the activity by Russian operatives, NBC News reported."...
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    Zero Punctuation: The End is Nigh, and Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

    Well, looking at the Escapists weekly content schedule, I'm amazed that Yahtzee hasn't gone off down the Patreon road yet. There must be some kind of contract in place.
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    Zero Punctuation: Get Even

    You're so sharp and edgy that you should re-register as Edgy McEdgeface. I'm totally serious, your comment actually cut me because it was so sharp, you need to put a piece of plastic on that edge of yours.
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    Zero Punctuation: Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild

    It runs perfectly fine on the WiiU, so if you already have one and aren't looking to buy a Switch, then get it on the WiiU. I've also heard that in docked mode on the Switch it runs worse than the WiiU, because the Switch isn't actually meant to be a console, it's a mobile gaming device...
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    PewDiePie Addresses Recent Media Coverage Amidst Controversy

    So, he's basically saying he's sorry that people were offended. Not sorry for what he did, but sorry that people were offended. The inability to feel empathy is a hallmark trait of a sociopath. "I'm sorry that you can't see that what I did was great. I'm sorry that you lack the ability to see my...
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    Nintendo Switch PAX South Preview - Good Handheld, Bad Console

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'm really looking forward to March 3rd. Then I can buy Breath of the Wild and get some use out of my Wii U. I mean the damn thing never even had a proper new Mario game. Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 were on the Wii, all the Wii U got was Super Mario 3D World...
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    Bethesda: No More Remasters in the Elder Scrolls Series

    One of my favorite, or most disliked memories in gaming was a quest in Morrowind. My memory is a bit hazy, but I was told by someone to find someone in a cave to the north. I had no markers to go by, and no fast travel in that area that would've gotten me closer. The caves were easy to miss, the...
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    Overwatch Christmas Comic Reveals First LGBT Character

    And there's still no answer to the sexual tension between the Scout, Heavy, and Medic. Also, I guess I've never really cared when a fictional character turned out to be gay. Because it's not like they're a real person, with emotions, fears, joys, trials and tribulations like anyone else, that...
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    Capcom Looking to Revive Series that Have Been Quiet of Late

    I'd absolutely love to see another Gargoyle's Quest/Demon's Crest game. Gargoyle's Quest II and Demon's Crest are two of my favorite games on the NES and SNES respectively. Although they'd probably give him a voice and make him a snarky rad-dude and ruin it. I'd just like to see another good...
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    NES Classic Struggles With Supply, Out of Stock Almost Everywhere

    My part time job tonight: Do you have the NES thing? All night. No, we sold out at 9AM, when the store opened, and there was a line outside. I really don't get the hype over this thing, most people won't even be able to finish the games, NES games are NES hard. And there are very quick, easy...
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    See Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 4 in this Playable Tech Demo

    Even if he was doing it for free, without a Patreon asking for donations, Nintendo could argue that he's causing them to lose money. I'm sure they still make a pretty penny on re-makes of Ocarina of Time, and if people could just get a remake in UE4 for free that could create a problem for Nintendo.
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PC Minimum System Requirements Announced

    Is it? I was under the impression that they dropped mish-mash zombie husk of iDtech 3 called IW Engine with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I read that it was a completely new engine developed in house, and I would assume Infinite Warfare would be using that. I was just amazed at how far they...
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    CS: GO Patch Monetizes Sprays, Makes Them Limited Use

    Wow. Custom sprays date back to Team Fortress: Classic and original Half-Life DM. For you youngins, that's 1998-99. I still remember seeing tittay's sprayed on a wall, and not being traumatized at all. And of course there were quite a few Gokus as well. And knives with blood dripping off them. I...
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    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Tiny X-Men

    You do realize filming for this movie started in February of 2015, meaning casting had been going on for months before; while the allegations of domestic violence against Depp became public in April of 2016 right? So Burton would have to be one hell of a psychic to not even consider casting Depp...
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    Mafia III Locked to 30 FPS on PC, 60 FPS Patch Coming Soon

    Breaking news: People can be upset about more than one thing at a time! When you pay $60 for a sub-par game, then I think you're entitled to complain about it on a website devoted to video games. And it serves a valid function for other consumers looking to purchase this game. I was...