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    Geek Remix: Fallout Creatures Explained

    FEV exposure is also responsible for creature gigantism and intelligence. While it does target haploid cells as 'damaged' and fixes them hence the sterility, the wasteland is absolutely drenched in either a radiation damaged form of FEV or mutated. Somewhere in the game logs of one of the games...
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    Intermission #3 - Radical Boom

    Anything with red pandas in i will enjoy. Especially when they are being sho dumb.
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    That One (Annoying) Enemy

    Since i got Vermintide the Packmasters have become my number 1 most hated anything.
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    Warhammer Vermintide 31% Off With Instant Beta Access

    Vermintide is pretty brilliant. Would recommend.
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    Help me get into metal music i dunno how to embed or spoiler. So have Amon Amarth in youtube form. Quick edit, LIGHTBRINGER! by Pentakill
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    Astronomers Capture "Screams" Of Star-Eating Zombies

    Azathoth having a rave and xray light show.
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    If Computers Acted Like They Do On TV

    I thought it was pretty funny. Words don't bother me it turns out
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    #012: Face Time

    I hope he's wearing a red shirt under his armour
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    Pillars of Eternity, Already in Progress

    I thought it was pretty funny. Haters can feel free to not read it. It takes no time or effort to do so :D
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    League of Legends Teases New Champion, Adds New Skins

    Where's the pool party Nami? Goddamnit Riot. I want more fishgirl skins!
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    Australians Pirate Breaking Bad More Than Any Other Country

    Maybe this will change business practices, so they aren't losing a huge amount of cash. But probably not.
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    Jennifer Hepler leaves Bioware due to threats by fans

    Well the good news is she isn't actually doing any of the writing. Means don't justify the ends though. Flame shield is up!
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    Space Hulk Launch Trailer Offers Blood, Guts And Chainguns

    Don't the BA's function under Legion numbers opposed to Chapter numbers? I'm having trouble remembering if they told the Codex to suck their progenoid or not.
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    Ancient Board Game Pieces Puzzle Archaeologists

    Ancient d4's. So people were standing on these things thousands of years before D&D decided to bring us the light mace.
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    How to Talk About Games #2

    16 bit anything is bad. Period.