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    Obsidian Mailbag

    Thank you!
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    Obsidian Mailbag

    This only edifies one of the most prominent arguments against PC gaming. The substantial diversification in PC hardware ensures that developers have a difficult time developing games which will adequately run. You'll have a game which has a particular error with one graphics card and runs smooth...
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    Can a good story make up for weak gameplay?

    "but I found myself wanting to keep playing to see how the story and how the characters develope." Well that alone means that for you, the story and narrative compensated for the gameplay deficiency. I can relate. Heavy Rain's QTE-orientated gameplay meant that quite often the stiff...
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    Stop Trying To Challenge Call of Duty

    I disagree with you. I enjoy Medal of Honor, Killzone 2 and Bad Company 2 more than Modern Warfare 2. I find myself only going onto Modern Warfare 2 because my mates are on and I'd rather play in a social environment. I would of agreed had you restructed your argument and instead said that...
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    Obsidian Does it Again

    Well they're releasing patches for it so hopefully by the end of the month the majority of bugs will be fixed.
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    No videos work, anyone else getting this?

    Whenever I load up any video on The Escapist it starts, a second later the PES11 advert comes up, then the video starts and about 3-4 seconds in it restarts and then restarts over and over again. Anyone else getting this?
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    Sad deaths of slightly significant characters.

    Flynn from Bad Company 2.
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    What's Wrong with Xbox Live?

    Honestly I think it should be free!
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    Gun Sights Are Overrated.

    Variety is nice. Some games should feature ADS and others with shooting with the hip with precision being the basis of your accuracy. Having one industrial absolute would lead to shooter stagnantion (already the first whiffs of this are starting to spew up from the shooter market), so it's nice...
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    What I don't get about the MOH "controversy"

    You can play as the Nazis in World at War which even features a little climax at a rally with Hitler with the crowd cheering after his onslaught of crowd-provoking words! Nobody really complained when you were attaining victory for the Nazis.
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    Bayonetta is tasteless and immature. What do you think?

    I think that's the point of Bayonetta. I don't think they were going for a Alyx Vance sort of look when they were designing her as a character; the gameplay is also pretty top notch as far as hack 'n' slashers go. But Yahtzee described it well (a paraphrase here) when he said that despite...
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    Before There Was Halo

    At page one I was very skeptical about this.. I was thinking I'd be able to bring up some archaic argument and just blow it all away.. But then you mentioned the differentiation of timing and precision. Well those two paragraphs surrounding that subject matter have given me a shitload of...
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    Xbox Live Gets a Price Hike

    Glad I only have a PS3.. MS are being clever. Just as Reach is about to come out they raise the price just slightly, then a few years from now again it'll go up. To the individual consumer it'll be nothing, but to MS they could be making huge amounts of extra profit just from that tiny raise..