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    Microsoft Joins The VR Race With Its Own Xbox One Headset

    Will wait a few years after release to see if price tag is worth it. A reminder, the Kinect was $150 on first release. One year later $30. A year after that given away due to it's failure and software line up that sidetracked many developers from releasing better games. See Fable series.
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    Google Releases Quantum Mechanics Mod for Minecraft

    So where do i apply to write mod packs for google? Oh wait. I can make $120,000-$1.5 Million/ year with my own business models based on my own mod packs for this amazing educational engineering/science software called Minecraft.
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    Update: Call of Duty: Ghosts Has 50 GB Install

    Give us Call of duty gameplay with minecraft graphics and explosions and destruction and the game would be under 50MB.
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    Update: Call of Duty: Ghosts Has 50 GB Install

    These companies are starting to get TOO GREEDY! Now they are forcing "Updates" on they believe "their" software/hardware that you own.
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    Rockstar: Missing GTA Online Characters Are Gone Forever

    Got the Hospital centers and Los Santos Customs Exit spawn areas marked for head shots yet? Make them poor. When you get the $500k, spend it all immediately! Have fun. Then Christmas will be here to play better online games.
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    Microsoft Was Surprised By Xbox One Outcry

    Not buying because...I already own a kinect. kinect 2.0 is hardly any different, in fact, kinect 1.0 should be compatible with xbox one. I already have 4 controllers, in fact these controllers should be compatible with xbox one. I already own all these xbox 360 games, in fact all these games...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online Will Have Subscription Fees

    No especially when we can easily download a Mod for Skyrim that allows multiplayer and nudity...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online Will Have Subscription Fees

    $20 for skyrim, unlimited use for the rest of your life.... or $15/month? We are not idiots. It will go f2p within 3 months. I rather buy a high quality game for $40 that has recurring multiplayer action for years, then ever pay monthly for a game.
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    Analyst: Xbox One Could Outship PS4 3-to-1

    With all the free section 8 housing plus free utilities, plus free food from "stamp" cards now, plus free healthcare and surgeries this Jan 1st, plus free medicaid, plus free internet, plus free Obama smartphones. I believe the maggots of the world will keep buying xboxs and all it's accessories...
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    Microsoft Vows To Fight Government Spying Via Kinect

    This is why Microsoft just dropped -11% in the markets. The unlimited riches of Government spending was just dropped from Microsoft.
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    How do you react to being hit on/checked out?

    Most hot people make it a healthy habbit and lifestyle to workout daily and eat nutritious foods without overconsumption. Some get too obessesed with it, and will become jerks and douchebags. So attractiveness is only 5% of the "soul mate" game. Morality, intelligence, personality, courage...
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    Why do so many people like Mincraft?

    It's a lot more fun when your making $$,$$$/month talking as you play the game.
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    Why do so many people like Mincraft?

    Because i went to Westroscraft server last night on PC, and flew around Kingslanding, Dragonstone, Pyke, etc.
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    Microsoft Spending $700 Million to Back Xbox Live Cloud Servers

    Even Netflix requires an internet connection, though i download then watch the movie off line anytime i wish and for the rest of infinity, on my offline demand.
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    Destiny Is Masterful Game-Making from Bungie

    If xbox one and PC multiplayer could combine in game, it could literally kill PS4 and Nintendo dead in the water!