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    Get Your First Look at Supergirl With This 6-Minute Teaser

    I don't hate it - I think it's a smart move to distance itself from the dour MOS and move towards the well-received Flash - but damn it's an interesting contrast watching it with the sound off first and just seeing the basics of a young woman coming into her own as a hero. But then there's...
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    Nintendo: Zelda Netflix Series Not Happening

    It's not that I'm surprised (I'm not); it's not that I feel one way or the other about this not happening; it's not even that I feel stupid (I do) for getting my hopes up when all the evidence indicated otherwise. My major issue is that this shoot-from-the-hip constant-content style of...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight to Receive Mature ESRB Rating

    That's all well and good - really it is - but I'm wondering how they're justifying the budget if they narrow the audience. I might be naïve but this thing looks ridiculously expensive to produce.
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    Thinks you think you are too optimistic/pessimistic about

    I'm becoming increasingly pessimistic about the film and game industries - anything mid-budget for either one is being pushed out for the high-risk suicidal gambles or cheap garbage meant for cashing in on launch day then disappearing. And as much as I legitimately love some of the "legacy"...
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    The Big Picture: Legend of Many

    What interests me more than anything about this whole thing and what I'm hoping to God these showrunners (whoever they are if this is all true) pick up on is that the aforementioned malleability could provide for some truly dynamic storytelling - every season could work like True Detective and...
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    I imagine it would be difficult in terms of roster packing, but if I were allowed to be an idealist:
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    Escape to the Movies: Jupiter Ascending - Tries But Fails

    I wasn't really following movies around the time it came out so I might not be remembering correctly, but I thought critics largely demolished Speed Racer. Nowadays Bob and a few other people plug it some I'm wondering if there really was something being left out of the conversation?
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    Historical Blindness?

    I haven't either but, judging from the descriptions of all three, it sounds like the least egregious change even if it's still technically disrespectful. The last line quote of the article feels like an (not deliberately intended) oxymoron as the truths being altered usually ARE the good...
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    Sony Pictures Co-Chair Steps Down Amid Hacking Fallout

    "As the slate for the next two years has come together, it felt like the right time to transition into this new role." Considering the kind of savvy people who would bother reading these news bits in the first place, does *anyone* *anywhere* believe that crap for a second?
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    Black Widow's Origin Explored in Agent Carter

    Stating a wild theory assuming Bob's proposed upcoming plot threads are true: Obsessive Sapphic bond + Unstable Evil Patriot + Show's Surprise Character Reveals = Assassin performs heroic sacrifice to save target.
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    The Big Picture: American Sniper Sucks (And It's Okay To Admit That)

    On the subject of superheroes as modern allegory of current events: I'd actually really appreciate it if many of them took more of a stand on these kinds of things or at least had more of a point and I find it ironic that Bob points out the Avengers (together and individually) as having...
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    Superman Will Receive New "Destructive" Power in Comic - Update

    "Green Lantern...Wonder Woman...I do this for you. And yes, even for you...Batman..."
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    RIP Monty Oum 1981-2015

    I haven't seen every single thing he's ever done, but what I have left me awe at his raw talent. Thank you Monty for your wonderful work.
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    Agent Carter Teases Surprising Avengers 2 Connection

    Still a bit on the tried-and-true Femme Nikita/Bourne Trilogy "Trained assassin becomes good and fights shadowy organization that trained/made them," but if they find a few unique things to shake up the forumula then I at least could reasonably get excited for a Black Widow solo movie, in part...
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    Amazing Games...That You Never Finished?

    FF 12 - After spending DAYS beating the final Mark Hunt, I took a break and lost the pacing. I'm trying to go through it again but it's looking like I'll even get that far. From what I've seen though Vayne is a crappy villain anyway. Ogre Battle - Once made it all the way to the last level...