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    The Problem with Freemium Games

    I don't know why you're still so angry about Nintendo, Croshaw. You finally got everything you wanted. The majority of the company's been exiled to the prison of half-assed, freemium mobile gaming with all those unworthy [] non-gamers"You've got to...
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    Valve Announces Nominees for the First Annual Steam Awards

    Not gonna happen. Not ever again. They have no reason to.
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    Miyamoto Explains Nintendo's Decision to Pursue Motion Controls

    Don't ever give up on motion, Nintendo. Regardless of what any "real" gamers say, you struck gold with this technology in terms of what it can do for gaming. I've still yet to play any shooter as fluid and simply joyous in its moment-to-moment gameplay as the Wii Metroid Prime games. Not their...
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    You Can Download and Play Overwatch for Free this Weekend

    Seriously, why don't they just make it permanently free? They already have that stupid crate system in there.
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    Theft by Creativity

    Well of course Valve wouldn't do anything about it. So long as the fans are doing everything for them, it means they don't actually have to get off their asses and do something other than rake in profits from holiday sales and crates.
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    It's Hard to Get Nostalgic About Games You Didn't Grow Up On

    Yeah, I find it no surprise that Mr. British Stuffysmug over here was raised on Commodore systems. He bashes on Nintendo and its fans all the time and isn't big on other classic companies like SEGA either; maybe it's jealousy because of how friggin' dry his own childhood must've been. I...
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    Why Do We Keep E3 Around, Anyway?

    Hey, don't drag us into this. Croshaw was born '83. It's him and the rest of the Gen-X '80s kids that have been the cynical, self-absorbed problem as far back as the early 2000s. All '90s kids ever wanted was to enjoy themselves without having to deal with '80s kids constantly bitching about...
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    EA Concerned Kids Don't Know About WW1 For Battlefield 1

    You would think, but growing up in the American educational system in the '90s and 2000s, WW1 was almost never talked about. It was all either WW2 or the Revolutionary War when it came to recent history, and even the ancient stuff was almost all North America-centric. If it wasn't recent...
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    EA Concerned Kids Don't Know About WW1 For Battlefield 1

    Today's seventeen-year-olds were born in 1999. Even 9/11 is probably something they only know from history class now.
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    Minecraft Realms is Headed to Windows 10 and Pocket Editions

    I'm hoping we can eventually get full parity between the PC version and all the console/mobile versions, so that we can have complete cross-play on all platforms.
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    Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    Howsabout you bite me, Gen X.
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    Shovel Knight Amiibo Revealed

    I like what Checkpoint stated on the Skylander/amiibo crossover thing. "Nintendo has finally found a way to keep up with amiibo demand: get Activision to make them!"
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    Shovel Knight Amiibo Revealed

    Gotta congratulate Yacht Club - an indie developer, for getting themselves a merch deal from Nintendo themselves. Come to think about it, with Nintendo trying to push its "Nindies" angle lately, they should offer the opportunity to have your own amiibo as an incentive for other indies to hop on...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Include "Dramatic" Changes

    And now we watch that near-hysterical level of hype that was built up at the Sony E3 conference come crashing down. *grabs popcorn*
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    I Never Did Like Yoshi's Island

    Honestly, while Yahtzee is a generally a little ***** when it comes to Nintendo stuff, I have to agree with him here. I'm a massive Mario fan and I never liked Yoshi's Island. It was one of the few Mario games I only played way after the fact, and while I can appreciate the technological...