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    Game Theory: Is Link's Quest in Majora's Mask Pointless?

    Started out interesting but then it took a wrong turn into speculation city with completely faulty reasoning. The video establishes early that the moon is tiny and therefore wouldnt have such a massive effect on the hyrulian planet to begin with and its orbit must be increadibly close to the...
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    Star Wars and Batman Meet a Child's Imagination in 19 Pieces of Art

    Couple of Batgirls in there to
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    Feed Dump: The Black Santa Xmas Special

    Usually find Feed Dump to be very entertaining, but as an Icelander this one kinda got borderline offensive at times. Would you outright disregard other peoples faiths, traditions and beliefs as outright fake and stupid out of hand? I dont beleive in fey but most of my family and relatives do...
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    Ubisoft Won't Ship Yearly Assassin's Creed If "It's Not Good Enough"

    Well considering how low their standards are, Im sure ubisoft wont run into any problems upholding their statement,
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    Warner Bros. Interactive Apologizes For Arkham Origins Bugs

    The Burnley Tower bug has been fixed for over a day, however after getting back into the game when I could progress again I ran into a completely game breaking bug during the last boss of the game which even if patched may force me to replay the entire game since theres no way to load a previous...
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    Movie Defense Force: Paranormal Activity

    I do agree that jump scares arent really cheap and a good jump scare takes alot of work and effort to pull of right. Although personally I dont really enjoy jump scares, so tend to avoid movies that reely heavily on them.
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    My psychology doesn't allow me to play Assasin's Creed 4

    I have a pretty agressive phobia for deep water of any kind, so I can definitively relate, although for me It rarely stops me from playing a game entirely. In real life I have problems crossing bridges, looking down into deep water and we can just completely forget ever going out on a boat and...
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    No Happy Marriages for DC Heroes

    This is old news really. But its still pretty dumb. Things can still be exciting and suprising with marriages. Ive whined for a long time now about how DC needs to understand that we like our super heroes and on occasion we want to see people we like have good things happen to them. It doesnt...
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    Draw Harley Quinn Naked, Killing Herself, To Win DC Artist Contest

    When I first heard they where holding a contest to draw a page in the new Harley comics I thought to myself that this could be a start of something positive. Now that Ive actually read a bit more about the whole thing Im sighing in disbelief and shaking my head in shame over the decline of my...
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    Aquaman Named "Most Toxic Superhero" Online

    Personally I really like Aquaman, the new 52 Aquaman is probebly tied with Flash for the best after the reboot. But Im guessing one of the things that people are looking for judging by the searches there are copies of the good awfull Aquaman pilot that was made as some sort of spinoff to...
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    Injustice DLC News Arrives At EVO 2013

    The one thing I would want more then anything is adjustable difficulties for Star Labs and alternative battle modes. Right now you can only change the difficulty in the story or classic battle modes. Doubtfull they would ever add it, but hey, one can allways hope
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    Microsoft Executive Replies To Xbox One Negativity

    Microsoft really needs to just be quiet and hide in the shadows at this point. Every day they try to salvage this they put themselves deeper into the hole they have dug for themselves. Even if they console came with a feature so awesome it would justify the 100$ price difference it wouldnt...
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    EA Has "No Games in Development" For Wii U

    Pretty sure that what happened here is that EA decided to partner with nintento, ported a bunch of stuff, sent developer kits to all its developers and then got back the message from them that none of what EA is doing will work. Im pretty convinced EA initially intended to make alot more for the...
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    SimCity DLC Coming This Month

    Ok, great. But will we be able to fit a virtual amusement park into our tiny little cities? Ehm, no.
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    Do you find playing a character of the other gender awkward?

    I have absolutely no awkwardness around playing a female character, in fact I often prefer a strong female protagonist when it comes to videogames. However when it comes to pen and paper RPGS I know several of my friends find it increadibly awkward If I play a female character, although I myself...