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    Would anyone jump ship (leave their country) if they could?

    Wait, Bulgaria?! You really want to jump from the frying pan to the fire?! Pick germany or Australia.
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    Would anyone jump ship (leave their country) if they could?

    But shit here in England is already hitting the fan. And the result isnt pretty.
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    Do you prefer light or darkness?

    I am not a very social person either but I prefer the light. darkness makes me depressed. Light, specially sunlight makes me happy.
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    Poll: You must choose

    We figured it decades ago, pills and condoms work wonders. Lack of education and stone age religious believes keep them from being used worldwide. Still we are doing better than first thought. We reached 6 billions in the mid 80s and projections said by then we would reach 7 billions by the end...
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    Poll: muslim scare:us and you beleive it's happening?

    And certain paranoic muslims (a small minority, tho very loud and destructive) will make everything possible to give credit to those members of our society alegations. Hope it all ends well for the majority on both sides that just want to carry their own lives peacefully.
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    Poll: Where did you Cry in Toy Story 3?

    Never cryed on any Toy story at all.
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    Games you love but sometimes hate the fellow fans of.

    World of Warcraft. Need I to say more. The whole Alliance vs Horde thing makes me cringe, and the why cant all be like Wrath of the Lich King and we kill bosses in 10 secs and get fat loot?!
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    was inception really hard too understand?

    Matrix was far easier than Inception. And to me inception was still very easy to follow up. But like somebody else said already, apparently the average joe is shockingly stupid (and probbaly cant even add 1+1).
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    Sugest your perfect soundtrack for Unrequited love

    I am pretty sure I posted on off-topic, not my fault Great song btw. EDIT: And I wouldnt ignore that part. Unrequited love often leads to rage and even to rape or murder, out of frustration.
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    Isn't the Roman Empire kinda overrated?

    They are estimated to have been the largest empire ever in terms of share of world population (around 25%, estimates go for second century AD from 21% to 40%)), not in area. Many other empires had far bigger areas (Mongol, British, Russian, Arabian, Spanish, French and Portuguese) OT: we need...
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    Sugest your perfect soundtrack for Unrequited love

    Wrong section ? Only song I can think of (that I listen too) that about onesided stuff like that (even thn its a stretch, yeah not many songs about love...) Assuming you ingore the "and burn her house down" part... Man that song is creepy and stalkerish, but it sounds awesome...
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    Sugest your perfect soundtrack for Unrequited love

    Why oh why am I cursed to not have my love ever corresponded?! oops. wait!... I digress! I am sure most of you had come across this awkward to not say often torturing situation of loving or feeling something towards someone who does not feel the same about you, stopped feeling it about you or...
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    Take Our "Name This Weapon" Quiz!

    3/10 on first try, I only got right the three I knew, guessed the others and got it wrong. EDIT: Also I had hope the arthas cliche would be avoided and something like Hand of Ragnaros or Atiesh would show up.
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    Poll: Are you smarter than your parents?

    This, I tthink the same about me and my parents. We can talk about most things at a same level of understanding. Although I went to university and neither of them been to.
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    Poll: Most Annoying Roommate Habit

    How about the one having sex with his last hook up when you ar in there sleeping? Boy, that was the most awkward thing ever.