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    Poll: Madness Project Nexus 2

    Instead of arguing about BORING things like 'women' and 'journalism', we should talk killing vaguely people shaped walking bags of blood. Madness Project Nexus is a Newgrounds Flash game set in the Madness universe made by Krinkles, the Swain, and a bunch of other people. It's a very high...
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    Dungeon Keeper Mobile Review - Wallet Reaper

    So I assume you didn't like it? Having to pay 5 bucks to break open a few walls or wait days to do anything is probably the worst micro-transactions I've yet seen. Even Nexon MMO's aren't thaaaat bad or greedy.
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    Youtubers you like that don't make videos very often

    Can't go wrong with Bro Team Pill. Loud, hateful, shameless, funny and well made, even Vin Diesel likes it. Only gotta wait either a week to a few weeks for content, probably depending on his mood.
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    Your favorite youtuber, and why?

    Broteam Pill is surely the best and my favourite. He's funny, sexist, racist, homophobic, and an all around 'bro'. His videos are always entertaining, and I find him to not hold anything, even if it means making fun of an entire religion. And who else has an entire group of people who will...
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    Name a dying game series/franchise and a way to save it

    I know of many dead/dying half-life(2) mods, such as The Specialists or The Hidden. The best way to revive these would be to just play them. The Specialists is a unique case because it's been dying for the past 4 years. The role-play scene has kept it 'alive' for awhile, but that's pretty...
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    Trailers: Guncraft - Gunsmithing Trailer

    I like guns....and I like building blocks...So this game is just tailor made for me. Hopefully the stats are insane and the gameplay doesn't suck.
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    Greatest Voicework in a Game, EVER!

    I'd say that Deus Ex: HR has some of the best voice acting. It can be surprising how much emotion gravel can emit. No one Lives Forever, both of them, had pretty good voice acting too. More comedic and over the top, but it is still pretty funny and well done.
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    What are your games you gush over, but you can't find anyone else that does?

    There is No One Lives Forever, 1 and 2. It is amazing. The Specialists, a great matrix-like half-life 1 mod. TSRP - the roleplay scene of TS, that is dying. Modular Combat, a half-life 2 mod thats hl2dm with skills, basically. Fistful of Frags - a hl2 western mod. Cortex Command, an...
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    Bond Games Yanked From Steam, Activision Web-Store

    Oh man, Nightfire was the best. Playing that with my friend just dicking around with the laser gun and all the cool guns and stuff. (That was on the gamecube, right? I'm remembering this correctly, right?) Goldeneye can suck it, this game was amazing, and was the only console fps I've...
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    Zero Punctuation: Half-Life

    That was really unexpected, and I found it quite enjoyable. Especially that line at the end. That made me smile.
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    Is it worth going back to borderlands?

    I've played Borderlands many times. By myself, cuz, and I must be the only one, really REALLY enjoyed the game. I don't even notice the end boss, because I always have a shotgun that kills it dead insanely fast. I'm pumped for BL2 because it looks much better, especially the guns. They...
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    Poll: REALISTIC medieval combat

    Swords were basically useless for late medieval period combat. It can't easily pierce armor, which everyone had by that point. It wont do much when slashing at chainmail or plate. The 2-handed sword is a different story though, some of those things were massive and could definetely lop of...
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    Best Melee Combat

    Pirates Vikings and Knights II, of course! It's better than War of the Roses because it supports XP! Also you can attack a knight in heavy armor with a parrot and then shoot a cannonball out of a blunderbuss. The melee combat is good too, thought.
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    Who's your favorite That Guy With The Glasses user?

    What the hell did spoony do!? What happened, damnit!? He was mah favorite! Oh, and that's my answer. captcha: i'm sorry You'd better be
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    Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops: The Line

    I found the part about shooting the airport full of civilians replaced with bambi's mom to be funny. And the end, that was good too.