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    why were you put on probation/suspended or warned

    lmfao this thread is kind of amazing
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    Poll: Last airbender

    water for sure! I think fire is maybe cooler, but waterbenders can become bloodbenders. plus hello you could just pull all the water out of someone if they pissed you off. oops, you needed that? sorry :)
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    Poll: What do you call your USB drive?

    I have never heard the name "nerd stick" before, but from today onwards, that's what I'm calling it. I don't even fucking care what I used to call it before today, it's nerd stick or nothing. e: how has only one other person picked nerd stick? it's a hilarious name
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    minecraft whats the big deal?

    that's a pretty narrow definition of a game. got any sources for it?
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    I just walked out of a movie for the first time today.

    I walked out of indian in the cupboard because it scared me :( ...I was about three at the time, though.
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    360 Gamers, HELP!

    oblivion for sure. also if you're into that sort of rpg, I would maybe rec the fable series? fallout 3/bioshock are also apparently pretty good, idk. are you into music games at all? because guitar hero is crazy fun, or if you have a ton of friends/family members, you could pick up band hero...
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    does literature get pirated too?

    I follow some author's blogs, and yeah, book piracy is a problem. not as large a problem as music/game/movie piracy, because those mediums are sort of easier on the whole to share online, and more people are willing to pirate them, but it definitely happens.
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    Switzerland might make incest legal.

    cross-generational incestuous relationships are pretty much the only ones I have problems with; the power imbalances can be seriously skeevy. not to say that sibling/sibling or I guess cousin/cousin relationships definitely don't have creepy dynamics either, but I think on the whole there's less...
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    Mindless sheep...

    ngl, I used to find it hilarious. but I had this book of like "nature facts" or something when I was about nine or so, and there was this thing about a disney documentary which had footage of lemmings jumping from a cliff - but the truth behind the footage was that the documentary people had...
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    Mindless sheep...

    so your friends want to play call of duty with you, and that's a problem because why? if you're not into the game, then just don't play. also, here is an interesting fact for you - lemmings aren't actually mindless beasts who fling themselves off cliffs while migrating. real leammings, that...
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    Why are gamers never satisfied?

    I kind of want to punch the guy in the video. just punch him in the throat until he stops breathing. what a twat.
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    anyway I guess I should answer the actual question, after having raged at it for a while. surely the only possible choice is the robot? I mean, we managed to get to the planet, surely we can fly back. plus, if it's just going to rust, I'm sure we could manage to fix it. in fact, I bet that's...
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    what a poorly thought out space exploration. seriously, what the fuck? a pretty much useless robot, ONE scientist, an alien (what does the alien do? what's its purpose on the ship?), a hot person (?????????) and a "minority" (what does that even MEAN), and I suppose I'm the captain? who the fuck...
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    Poll: Do You Use the Word "Gay" as an Insult?

    Uhhh, nope. I have to say, I get pretty offended when people use "gay" as an insult around me, so I don't see why I'd ever use it as one.
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    Why does old music equal superiority?

    ok, I basically can't be bothered to read through six pages and see if anyone brought this up, but I have a point to make. a lot of old music was fucking terrible. of course, a lot of new music is also terrible, I'm not denying it. but because it's current, we're being exposed to ALL of...