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    The New Shiny Escapist

    Looks like Facebook, ugly in other words. As said the colour scheme is pretty hard on the eyes. Everything looks cluttered. Site loads slow.
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    Racist tram woman watches video evidence; denies everything

    She has got a point, in a way, foreigners are taking some jobs, but that's because no one in the UK wanted to do the shit jobs when there was other work available, now that there isn't, well, let's just say a lot of people would reconsider turning down a job offer to stand at traffic lights...
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    I'd take immortality ONLY if suicide could kill me, at least then I'd have a way to end it if I had enough. And before anyone starts on me I am not promoting suicide but without a way out of it then I'd just stay mortal.
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    does this make you angry?

    I choked up a bit when Leslie Nielsen but didn't cry as I didn't know him but if Bruce Campbell passed on then I might squeeze a little tear out, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to.
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    wat are your top 5 games?

    5. Super Metroid 4. Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past 3. Rogue Galaxy 2. Fallout 3 1. Demon's Souls
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    Modern Warfare 3 Gets Cozy With Mountain Dew

    So basically I'm at a disadvantage in multiplayer (if I bother to borrow the game) just because it's almost impossible for me to find Mountain Dew in my city? Fuck off.
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    Trailers: Sonic Generations - Gamescom Trailer

    I'm confused, so the skinny modern Sonic with green eyes is the chubby one from the olden days? Or is he just a different Sonic that... exists... somehow... *headache* I always assumed they were just two different Sonics, a different take on the "lore" until they mentioned the time travel...
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    I hate Ocarina of Time 3D

    Sucks you didn't enjoy the game and found it too difficult, others found it quite fun and easy (like myself). Can't please everyone. See you later.
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    Poll:So the new spider man is half black, half hispanic ,what do you think escapist.

    It's probably all ready been said but if there is a good storyline for it then that's fine. If it's just to be more "PC" then it's stupid.
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    Poll: Should the Fallout setting go European (or anywhere else)?

    I wouldn't like the whole game set in another country but if they did like they did with Operation Anchorage and allowed you to enter "training simulators" whenever you wanted based in a few other countries which grants you a one off skill then I'd be all for it. long as it wasn't DLC.
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    Poll: Coffee Coffee Coffee

    No, why drink coffee when you could have tea, that's how I see it and when there is no coffee I'll take water.
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    I think they should be properly informed AND made to sign a copy of the receipt (I know this happens normally when paying by card but not everyone uses a card) as proof that they were informed, therefore if their kid does something "because of a game" then they are the ones responsible.
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    You must assemble a 7-person team to combat attacking aliens.

    - Stephen Fry - Morgan Freeman - Bruce Campbell - Bill Bailey - Patrick Stewart - Ricky Gervais - Bear Grylls Let's be honest here, if the Earths military can not win then what chance do I have. I might as well get these guys together, have a nice meal, some drinks and a few interesting...
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    Nintendo CEO Takes 50% Pay Cut

    *Respectfully bows to Satoru Iwata* Now I just hope that was respectful and not racist.
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    You're only allowed too see one member of your family again.

    My dog also, it's not that I don't like my family but I had the dog 17 years until a year and a half ago when it was taken in and put down while I was at work (without even asking me), yes it was old but it was in great health, still active when brought to the beach, park etc, in no pain, so...