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    Why There Is No Future For Old Games

    I have read a lot of dumb, uninformed shite on this website in the many years I have frequented this place but this article takes the cake. A modern OS is more complicated than DOS? Welcome to Virtualization... Windows 7 event has built in Virtualization of Windows XP under "XP Mode."...
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    Fictional person you aspire to be like

    Spider Jerusalem... A man who lives by his own moral code and always does the right thing despite the chaotic and lavish world around him. A man who takes absolutely no shit from anyone and stands upon the roof tops screaming at the sky until the masses wake from their slumber.
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    Ex-Titan Quest Dev Brings New Game to Kickstarter

    An amazing game and these guys truly deserve everyone's support. I think out of all the Kickstarter projects they are actually the closest to having a finished product.
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    Grim Dawn Kickstarter!

    Up to $30,000 in only a few hours! Amazing!
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    Grim Dawn Kickstarter!

    Ah! Link fixed. Sorry about that!
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    Grim Dawn Kickstarter!

    Grim Dawn is made by Crate Entertainment, founded by a small core of developers from Iron Lore the makers of the sleeper hit action RPG Titan Quest. If you haven't played Titan Quest its on sale here on Steam quite often and is some of the best money you can spend if you enjoy hack n slash loot...
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    Skyrim's Improvements over Oblivion

    My Character in Oblivion [] did not look like a Potato. On the other hand the current lack of sliders in Skyrim is pissing me off to no end and everyone looks the same.
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    Richard Dawkins.

    I actually like his methods as well as what he has to say. While I don't think it is the way I wish to oppose Religious control, and I am glad that most Scientists choose to allow the evidence to speak for itself... it's nice to know we have at least one crazy zealous bastard taking the fight to...
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    Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Is The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

    Woooo! Go Jim Go Jim Go Jim Go Jim! I actually applauded at the end of this episode! Congratulations on being renewed and thank GOD for you indeed sir.
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    Warning: Green Man Gaming

    Like a lot of people, recently I have been lured over to Green Man Gaming for the great discounts on Steamworks Titles that can then be activated on Steam. As well as the great rewards for Reviews and Recommendations to Friends. Everything was fine until out of the blue Green man changed...
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    Poll: would you die for your country?

    I would rather not die for my country, but I would gladly help other people die for theirs.
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    Bethesda Unveils Skyrim Collector's Edition

    Give it a week and you're still wrong.
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    Bethesda Unveils Skyrim Collector's Edition

    Really who is going to pay $150 for a collectable card game anyway?
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    60 FPS is Modern Warfare 3's "Competitive Edge"

    I can get 400 fps in Daikatana... that doesn't make Daikatana any more worth playing.
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    Hardest game ever.

    Congratulations on running 100% completion on TR:A in 2 days! That's insane! I tip my hat to you.