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    Batman vs Robin = ? to watch?

    Cheers, Bob.
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    Batman vs Robin = ? to watch?

    Thanks guys, I'ma look them up right now. If Red Hood is what I think it is, that should be fun. Sounds like they're not part of the animated series though? Is that right?
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    Batman vs Robin = ? to watch?

    Just saw the animated movie Batman vs Robin. Was kind of surprised by several of the darker elements in it. Interested in seeing more. I know there are two other movies but are these part of the greater animated series or are the separate? If they're part of it, should I buy the series and...
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    Stolen Pixels #26: Awesome'd: Episode 5

    It amuses me that this Sam & Max series was held up as an example of great adventure gaming where most past stuff was rubbish because to me, the new Sam & Max was slow, boring and baffling. I got precisely the sense of 'trying to work out the designer's personal insanity' that older games were...
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    War Never Changes, But Seasons Do In Fallout 4 Mod

    Weird seeing this on escapist. Maybe because it's old news for most modders....?
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    A Major Marvel Hero Will Die In Civil War II

    Geeze guys. Spoiler much? Remember when plots like this used to be a thrilling/shocking experience instead of the pre-advertised guessing game they've become? Oh crap, I've turned into an old man.
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    Joss Whedon Officially Quits the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Quality is in the eye of the beholder of course, but I thought GotG was rubbish. Unlikable main character and a 14 year old girl's self-insert for Gamora (ie totally a badass except for how she's strangely ineffective 99% of the time and actually a secret damsel in distress with a tragic past...
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    Joss Whedon Officially Quits the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I still haven't watched Age of Ultron and haven't felt even the slightest urge to. It's odd how one little change made me reject the movie so thoroughly that, for me, it's almost like it doesn't exist. Probably won't watch Civil War either if they will be cramming more superheros into it...
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    Saya No Uta Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Tentacle Monster

    Definitely want to play this now. Don't have time, of course. -_- I'll put it on the list for when I'm a grey-haired retiree.
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    Sleeping Dogs Spin-Off Triad Wars Canceled After Closed Beta

    Glad and sad to hear it. Glad because it seemed like a flop waiting to happen. Sad for everyone involved who won't even get to see the fruits of their labors properly consumed. But damn. I get wanting a piece of the lucrative multiplayer pie but it always baffles me when they change a single...
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    What's the opposite of a SJW?

    Wow, I did not expect so many serious responses. Cheers guys, there was a heck of a lot to think about in there. It's definitely broadened my perception about both sides. Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I really only do gamer stuff online so my only exposure to SJW stuff is...
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    What's the opposite of a SJW?

    I don't know what you'd call the opposite of someone who's hiding behind trendy politics to be a bully. Progressives and feminists don't get blamed for everything. They're held in contempt for bitching about entertainment mediums not advancing their underdeveloped worldviews, restricting access...
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    Where can I find a good female villian?

    I can't think of anyone but Maleficent. No real reason, which probably invalidates her, but damn she had style - and she commanded the power of biblical Hell in a Disney movie. (Animated version) Yeah, she was pretty much my idol growing up. In hindsight, she didn't actually do a whole...
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    Have you ever gotten (or do you get) massages?

    It can be awkward the first few times, essentially because a stranger is moving about your mostly-naked body and you've just gotta trust them not to sink a knife in your back... but yeah, it's freaking awesome. That said, I prefer feet and head massages - I find with full body massages, the...
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    What's the opposite of a SJW?

    Not just someone who doesn't care, or even someone who actively promotes discrimination/oppression etc. The people who leap to blame SJWs for everything. The ones who treat them like a combination boogieman and Antichrist. What are those people called?