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    Steve Jobs Tribute Statue Will Give You Nightmares

    Looks like they froze his body in carbonite, smashed it, and then reworked it into a statue. I can understand the bit about freezing a nerd in carbonite; it's somewhat of a dream funeral. I just don't agree with smashing it into pieces, though.
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    Titanfall On PC Will Require Origin

    Origin-exclusive is just an unimaginative Sales gimmick. I go to Steam because it's painless to browse titles. Likewise Gog. EA is who now? The company that used to be known for putting out fun non-sports games in the 1980's? I really don't want to maintain a bunch of different logins for...
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    We're Going to Be Rich!

    Just because a game is an MMO does not automatically make it a good game. I'm preaching to the choir here, but the basics for a fun MMO game are: 1) Is it fun to play? 2) Is it fun to play solo? 3) Are there convenient tools for organizing groups? 4) Is there interesting new content being...
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    Study Shows Most Gamers Are Goody-Two-Shoes With Moral Choices

    Looking at this article, the "study" appears to be a waste of time because they didn't take into account whether the games in question were actually developed to be fun/interesting for all the possible playthroughs. If the alternative "evil" path is being a jerk in such a way that merely limits...
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    Why Do We Love Survival Games?

    I've been following the Project Zomboid discussions over in the Steam forums. An upcoming feature is apparently the introduction of a car driving mechanics. But what I find amusing about the concept is that players approach the concept from the perspective that *they* will be the ones to have...
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    Superheroes That Should Be Games

    Some of the more difficult heroes mentioned, such as Superman, Green Lantern or Dr. Strange, would likely translate well to a TellTale game, ala Walking Dead. In particular, Dr. Strange would be a stand-out here because as mentioned in the article, much of his work involves exploring unusual...
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    Walking Dead Creator Says Daryl Dixon Changed the Story

    I've followed the comic since its first trade paperback, so I've appreciated the differences that are in the tv series. I'm often hard pressed to choose which medium has been doing a better job of portraying the walking dead adventure. The tv series has tended to effectively expand upon elements...
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    Judge Overturns John Madden Football Lawsuit Award

    I kinda understand the opinion that it *could* be useful to observe games side-by-side. However, it doesn't sound as if the judge understands that there are underlying algorithms that, with the right mix and parameter settings, obtain the fun gameplay that players prefer. If EA took these...
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    Hardware is Gimmicks

    Hardware gimmicks seem to come out the "used car saleman" line of thought, where the development emphasis is upon having bullet/talking points that can be used to sell down the supply chain (i.e., convince distributors to pick up a given item). As opposed to developing products with a...
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    Hardware is Gimmicks

    I agree that a touchpad on a controller might be a doable improvement. On a macbook, it's easily a mouse replacement because it has a nice wide working area, is sensitive to feather-like taps, and none of the tap area is taken up by wholly unnecessary left- and right-buttons. If Yahtzee...
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    Uwe Boll Announces Rampage 2

    We watched Rampage back-to-back with Taxi Driver (1976, Robert De Niro), sort of following a theme with characters having a breakdown that culminates in extreme violence. There was much better build up and establishing of motivation in Taxi Driver, whereas Rampage had a shallow, "these are the...
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    Movie Defense Force: Santa Claus

    I'm mildly curious about seeing this film. Perhaps it would be a good double-feature with Santa Claus versus the Martians?
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    YouTube Issued Copyright Claims Against Miracle of Sound

    Well, there really need to be significant financial penalties for corporations, so that incompetent activities are discouraged. Otherwise, stupid decisions are simply shrugged off. We've seen stories where individuals are threatened with lawsuits for considerable sums for supposed copyright...
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    Warner Bros. Interactive Apologizes For Arkham Origins Bugs

    You'd think publishers would realize that by releasing buggy games, they're training people to not purchase games when they're first released. Edit: If at all...
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    Dead Rising 3's Zombies Are All Unique

    They're like pretty snowflakes, no two alike. Try to catch one on your tongue.