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    Poll: showers. morning or night?

    Morning. My hair is kinda greasy in the mornings even though it's really short, and having a shower as soon as I get up helps me feel fresh and wakes me up for the day ahead. If I'm going out or doing something in the evening then I'll have a shower before that too. Dolphins are cunts anyway.
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    The Most Recent Thing You Bought

    Nice! It sounds like you and I have a very similar taste in clothes and brands my friend. All good smart brands with a lot of history and culture behind them especially in the UK :)
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    Positivity: Say something nice about a country.

    No love for Italy yet... Italy: You have so, so much delicious food, awesome countryside and scenery, fantastic historical cities full of beautiful buildings. Your people are often very smart/stylish/attractive, it's nice to go to a place where people care about looking smart. They are also...
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    The Most Recent Thing You Bought

    Cheers, Fred Perry's probably my favorite brand. Sure you can wear jeans with it, but they'd have to be dark I guess. I usually wear it with some slim Levi's like this kinda colour I suppose black would be fine too, anything dark really. Yeah double denim's a big error haha! I guess...
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    Strange movies to make you cry

    Bagpipes make anything at least 10x more emotional. The marching song bit from The Wind that Shakes the Barley. I get that it's an emotional film, but this bit doubly so. I guess it's strange as I'm English. I just respect the old IRA (before they started civilians in England) and the mist...
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    Crazy Dunkin' Donuts lady

    What a horrible bint. Didn't they have security they could call on to remove her? Pretty sure if that happened over here in the UK she'd have been told to fuck off, pure and simple. If the till staff didn't, then sure as hell they would have gone to their shift manager who would probably...
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    Help Me Out Escapists: What Kind of Primary School Did You Attend?

    This is education from around ages 4/5 - 11 yeah? That's what I understand primary school as... * Type of School: Church of England. So we sang hymns and went to Church a fair bit, and learned the basics of the Bible. None of it really rubbed off on me, but it didn't fill me with reactionary...
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    What Interesting Thing Have You Discovered Recently?

    This freaky critter. Has a see through head, and the big green blobs are its eyes. Seemingly because every creature living in the deep ocean participates in a competition to be as fucking hideous and weird as possible... Still pretty interesting though.
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    Why doesnt all English people speak like Charles Dance?

    Seconded, he is practically God. I'm sure you're aware of this, but just to make OP aware, those aint 'all' the regional accents, as you put it. They may be some of the major ones, but even in England there are loads more - West Country, Fens, Stoke, Leicester, there's another 4 totally...
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    Why doesnt all English people speak like Charles Dance?

    Nah haha, being a true Englishman is about more than just being able to speak like some posh tart :P Aye, and so are all the other accents in England - they're just as valid. <3 Noel! "oh, let's write a song about fucking washin' up liquid or summin'..."
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    Anyone else out there not really get hangovers?

    Depends on what I drink, but it's veeeery rare that I'm never hungover - the only thing that varies is the extent of the hangover. It's usually a steady, scraping throbbing headache, but sometimes my body ups the game and comes out with a stomach searing sickness and a headache that makes me...
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    Why doesnt all English people speak like Charles Dance?

    Erm, what? What you call horrible terrible and unbearable, I call unique, interesting, and historical. Sure he's got a cool voice, but diversity of accents and dialects make the country a way more interesting place. It would be boring as shit if everyone spoke like Charlie there. Most...
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    Tips for visiting England

    Being from Shrewsbury, I agree - don't go to Hereford, it's horrendous. By all means come to Shrewsbury though, it's lovely here! ;) Sorry HerefordEscapistMan, couldn't resist! OT: I'd also suggest getting to a local football match but the season won't start until after you leave...
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    Floods in Europe

    :-O Nicely done. Next time I'm thinking of heading to the beach, I'll find the nearest waterlogged roadside instead - obviously the place to be!
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    The French open....what the hell is going on?

    Pretty amusing, but it gets really old really fast :-P It's just unnecessary. Cricketers don't yelp every time they bowl, footballers don't shriek when they strike the ball, so why do annoying grunts? Makes it even harder for me to take it seriously, and adds to the overall ponciness of the...