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    WHY can't I just PLAY the game I BOUGHT?!

    Thanks, I'll wait too
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    WHY can't I just PLAY the game I BOUGHT?!

    I recently bought Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for steam, but I can't run the game because it has problems with connecting to Games for Windows Live. I don't have GFWL and have zero interest in it. When I buy a game on steam I should be able to run it on steam without this BS about needing...
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    Poll: How seriously do you take what Yahtzee says?

    Depends a lot on how much he likes the genre of the game. If it is a type of game he doesn't like to begin with I know I'll disagree with him. If not, then I'll usually agree with most or all his points, but be less forgiving of the game's flaws. I like that he admits when he has no interest...
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    Jimquisition: Taking Videogames Seriously

    I accept your challenge Jim, how about this: Who are the people: My grandparents. Why does it matter: Because if there is any mention that I play videogames they will start talking about how videogames turn people into fat, lazy mass murderers. It is unpleasant and annoying and throws...
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    So according to some feminists, this anti-rape ad campaign is sexist

    With this logic you could blame security firms for shifting the focus from "don't break into people's homes" to "prevent people from breaking into your home." To be fair though, while the ad campaign seems alright to me, it should be used as a suppliment to more direct "don't rape people"...
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    Does the universe even want to be explained.

    The truth is that it is all God's plan to confuse us. You think the Earth is flat? Boom, it is globular now! You think the speed og light is the maximum achievable velocity? Boom, particles can go 6 percent faster than light speed! After the tower of Babel incidence God just descided that...
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    The first one that springs to mind is the Super Mario Bros games for NES (if you count those as a trilogy) with the second one being the weakest and the third one being the best. Isn't Earthbound the third game in the Mother series as well? In general, I think the issue is that towards the...
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    Skullgirls Dev Dismisses Cries of Sexism

    My reaction when I saw that video wasn't "this is sexist", but rather "why would anyone play as any other character than the cat girl with an attachable head?"
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    Why Jim Sterling's Mario Kart 7 review is bullshit.

    I think there are different standards for Mario Kart games because they apply to new gamers (like kids) as well, and they are likely to buy the newest console. While Mario Kart DS is playable on a 3DS, people are going to buy their kids a new game, not a level pack for a game on the previous...
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    Why Jim Sterling's Mario Kart 7 review is bullshit.

    To me it always seems like there are extremely few long-running franchises that make significant innovations from game to game, and people tend to over-look this in franchises they love (I for one have never complained over lack of innovation in Zelda) while if you thought the other games in the...
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    On Racism...Londoners have an unpleasant time on a Tram...

    But American refers to a person from the US, which is a country, so it makes as much sense as saying Polish or German ethnicity. It is hard to define ethnicity, because it is a matter of where you draw the line. I mean, if you go way back, everyone has anscestors that came from Africa, so is...
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    Poll: Should games have less voice acting.

    I would like less combat taunts - those can be so annoying when you hear them three hundred times. In general though, some games work well with voice acting, some not, but I don't think it is a waste of resources.
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    Do you think seduction could be a form of rape?

    It's a very easy distinction. One is being unable to resist the temptation, the other is being forced into it. So the answer is no.
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    I believe life is when something grows and requires nurishment. Living things are divided into plants, animals and humans. Generally, the life of a human is considered sacret, an animals life isn't, but you should not cause it pain while with plants you can do whatever you want (as long as it...
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    Those aren't living, GROWING beings. A fetus will be born a human unless something is done about it, while eggs and sperm only has the potensial.