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    Poll: 61 Percent of Britons Believe Games Cause Violence

    As with all internet polls, this is a misleading survey, an abuse of statistics. Only people who felt strongly about this issue will actually respond to this poll, and while an ambivalent person who doesnt really think video games cause violence will shy away from this survey, those who think...
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    Poll: Do you like the British Royal Family?

    I don't have an opinion about them, because I've never met them, nor heard of anything any of them have ever done. I definitely don't like the way the media worships the royal family, but that doesn't make them bad people, I suppose.
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    Poll: The Elder Scrolls VI: what do you want?

    I would support a new engine, but I think leaving the current one, which is unquestionably functional and sufficient, frees up more room for engaging stories, good writing, functional mechanics, and content that would otherwise be excluded, or relegated to DLC, due to additional resources being...
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    New Vegas: Why Join the Legion?

    Joining the Legion is basically joining the most badass group in the mojave. With the exception of First Recon, the NCR is pretty lame. Forlorn Hope is being overrun, McCarran is practically swamped with fiends, and the entire government has been tricked by a mummy into protecting one city and a...
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    How would you run hell?

    Tranquility Lane from Fallout 3 always seemed to me to be the very worst kind of hell, the one where you don't know you're there, only to be played with by an omnipotent, wholly evil being. Something like that, although I think I'll take a form other than that of a little girl named Betty.
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    EA Calls Developer Mentally Ill

    Both of these groups are equally untrustworthy, and both are probably partially right and are now trying to stretch the truth to make it appear as though their side is correct while the other is lying and exploiting the children for their own benefit. EA probably made some offer of acquisition...
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    Most Effective Video Game Villains?

    Well, best villain and most evil villain are probably 2 different things. Dmitri Rascolov, from Grand Theft Auto 4, was always the most evil, in my opinion, because he was a despicable rat, who always put himself first and was willing to hurt or kill anyone close to Niko in order to see him...
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    Your top 5 games' flaws

    Fallout New vegas: bugs. So many bugs. Battlefield 3: the campaign sucks Cod Modern Warfare 3 (PC): HAX!!!!!!! The Political Machine 2012: No debates or conventions Half life 2: That one bit with the train on the bridge and you're driving and you have to decide whether to speed up or back...
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    Poll: The Fall of EA: Yay or Nay?

    While I would never want to see so many projects destroyed, so much money lost, and so many talented people put out of work, EA is going to destroy themselves soon. I mean, how long is battlefield and medal of honor going to sustain their enterprise, especially when Dead space 3 is going to bomb...
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    Sick of MovieBob Bashing Call of Duty?

    I think he's trashing COD for what it represents, rather than what it is. What it is is shallow, explosive, incredibly brief and adrenaline fueled fun. Nothing particularly wrong with that. However, what it represents is the idea that a company can take 1 thing that was very successful and then...
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    7 year old girl shot dead while selling some lemonade

    Well that sucks. Sympathies to the family.
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    Poll: Are you a feminist?

    Feminism is a very good idea in theory, but in practice it sometimes leads to pure stupidity. See "Sexual harassment Panda" from South Park.
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    Valve, why are they loved?

    valve is successful because it understands how to make consumers fiercely loyal. They started with a slew of excellent titles and remarkable deals (orange box, steam), and kept going from there. Steam is basically a dominant force in the PC gaming market, and even with such a monopoly on the...
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    Heroes you yelled "YOU IDIOT!" at.

    Most of the cast from The Walking Dead. I know they're supposed to be flawed and stuff, but they make so many moronic decisions (keeping a bunch of zombies in a barn, hmmm) that it makes me feel very unsympathetic, especially when they refuse to call zombies what they are. I'm shocked there was...
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    BioWare's New Mass Effect 3 Anime Tells Vega's Story

    Zzzzzzz Vega is the least interesting character in the game to begin with, so unless this anime reveals he's secretly batman (or similar character loved to death by the internet), then I don't think it will improve my experience.