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    A Formal Thread about Activision/Blizzard

    This mess reminds me of the investment banking industry. They're high pressure, long working hours, toxic masculinity, and has deliberate job insecurity. They pay well to justify this abuse, workers often plan to quit after ten years, and aren't rapey (just misogynist) but video games can't...
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    The Chinese vaccine MAY not be that effective.

    There is a reason why those of the Chinese populace that can afford it import baby milk powder, rather than use domestic supplies. There is a reason why Dr Li WenLiang signed a letter promising not to spread 'untrue statements' about SARS cases.
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    China... instead of Iran

    Sounds like Iran and China want to hunt dissidents hiding in Afghanistan.
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    Ireland's Week of Unrest

    May's withdrawal agreement created a de facto customs union, eliminating customs borders. Unless you're discounting that because the ERG faction and their newspaper allies would never allow it.
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    Ireland's Week of Unrest

    The good news is the republicans will likely regard Irish reunification as inevitable, play the self defence card and not attack the police or the British mainland. They'll just shoot proddies in retaliation. For some value of The Troubles: The Next Generation being good news.
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    Sidney Powell Declares Conservaties to be Unreasonable

    Someone should broadcast Powell is a murderer and they have concrete proof but never provide any. When Powell sues for defamation, state no reasonable person would believe the claim.
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    Think game developers are overworked? Try big bankers

    What does bad press matter when you have the political class in your pocket? When something does goes seriously wrong and a bank fails, Congress realises they have to bail the rest out or watch the economy rapidly crash?
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    Think game developers are overworked? Try big bankers

    Investment banking, at least in the UK, is ultra-competitive involving huge amounts of money per employee. Pushing workers hard can be very profitable and they're encouraged to do so with large bonuses, macho culture, and firing the bottom 10% every year. To be fair, traders expect this when...
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    Texas Slated To 100% Reopen Next Week. We're All Gonna Die.

    Nowhere near enough vaccinated to create herd immunity, too cold for open windows and outdoor behaviour, and plenty of nutcases who'll throw away their masks and walk into bars with like minded people. This can only create huge outbreaks and people dying untreated in overloaded hospitals. When...
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    TikTok conspiracy theorists claim Texas' snow is fake

    So people think it's plausible for even the US to manufacture enough fake snow to cover half a continent, let alone drop the air temperate to freezing over the same half a continent.
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    GameStop Stock surges due to meme traders

    It wasn't really hedge funds behind the 2008 crash, it was the investment banks creating the investment vehicles. And the mortgage brokers throwing risk standards out the window and the rating agencies throwing their own reputation out the window.
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    GameStop Stock surges due to meme traders

    I really ought to study finance more. I'm fairly certain the problem with screwing short sellers as they're only forced to cover the short when their contract expires and the other party can accept a wide variety of durations. In the meantime, more and more long investors will realise the...
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    Unicef feed children, the absolute b*****ds.

    No, he really is that big of an asshole.
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    Twitter allows state controlled People's Daily China news agency to spread unproven claims about Coronavirus originating outside of China

    Never mind the actual case records. Covid from imported frozen food? That alone contradicts what's known about the virus. Infection from fomites has to be via contact with a mucous membrane and food hygiene standards exist precisely to prevent that. The picture in the Tweet shows the cook...
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    Did you miss BREXIT now that it is technically done ?

    This tells you how Johnson got the Withdrawal Agreement past the European Research Group: he told them the UK could just break it afterwards. This explains why the likes of Steve Baker defended the new proposal. It also shows Johnson's attitude to planning: get through this week and worry...