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    Will DRM Finally Beat Piracy? Notorious Cracking Forum Says Yes

    You can't possibly believe that to be true... you seriously think pirates will pay for a game as long as developers... ask nicely?!? Thanks for the hardest laugh I'm likely to have all month.
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    Final Fantasy XV Confirmed For 2016 Release

    Wait... is it April Fool's Day already? This definitely feels like an article that should have gone up on April 1st, not January 1st.
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    Gory Details Leak From Daredevil Season 2 Screening

    Frank's never had a problem with Daredevil, other than the fact that Matt sometimes gets in his way.
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    What Horror Villains Would Look Like as Presidential Candidates

    Only slightly more terrifying than the real candidates!
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    New Study Finds That Hot Dogs ARE PEOPLE! THEY'RE PEOPLE!!

    Who knew people were so yummy? :)
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    First Look At Marvel's Jessica Jones - Gallery

    I had the exact same initial thought. Oh well... hopefully they just changed it so he can hide his skin color, and we'll see him full-on purple by series' end.
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    Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Set Review - Borehammer, Gorehammer

    You really can't, which has been a major sticking point for many of the YouTube WHFB guys. Doom & Destiny's channel is a great example of this, where he started really optimistic about it, then ran 4 battle reports last weekend at his local store, and every fight was completely lopsided...
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Cobra

    Oooh. I love Cobra. I remember even using a pair of scissors to cut my pizza when I was a kid after seeing this about the fourth or fifth time.
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    Marvel's Post-Secret Wars Comic Line-Up Revealed

    The only REAL problem I see with any of this is that nasty mullet that Parker is sporting. Yikes!
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    Marvel's Post-Secret Wars Comic Line-Up Revealed

    Agreed. Seemed pretty obvious, actually.
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    App Store Pulling Games That Include the Confederate Flag - UPDATE

    I was going to post something intelligent, but then you went ahead and said everything I was thinking. Damn you and your reason and logic! :)
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    The Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter Campaign Launching In June

    Same here. Man I loved that game. We are so old. :)
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    It's a seed, actually.
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    Dragon Magazine Reborn As Dragon+

    Hopefully this works with BlueStacks, so that we can at least view them on PCs...
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    Marvel Fans Rejoice: Netflix Renews Daredevil For A Second Season

    Yep. It's assumed that Iron Fist will be 2016 and Defenders 2017, but not confirmed. Either way, it seems likely that the success of this series will mean good things for the others, not bad.