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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    So I wonder how long until The Escapist flushes Yahtzee? He's basically the only one left at this point. Go ahead, The Escapist, fire all your talent. Chase your readers out the door with a broom. Kill your business model. Because that's how this industry works, right? We the audience are...
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    Evolve Dev: "I Don't Like People Thinking We're Doing Dirty, Underhanded S***"

    Preorder bonuses ARE day-one DLC, Phil.
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    A Note From Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor in Chief

    Oh I wasn't going off of a rumor. I was just reading what Josh wrote about The Escapist's new direction. Yahtzee basically popularized the whole curmudgeonly style The Escapist is currently taking a stand against, and MovieBob is possibly the most serious internet critic I've ever seen...
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    A Note From Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor in Chief

    Yeah, good plan. Get rid of Yahtzee, MovieBob... maybe LRR, because Feed Dump is just so *mean* to people who stuff reptiles down their pants... and we can finally go back to the good old days in which The Escapist didn't get any traffic. On the plus side, without all those pesky critics...
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    Poll: Can pornography exist in a sexism free society?

    Can't, therefore won't. Because markets. I would also argue shouldn't, but I admit that part's debatable.
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    Poll: What would be the backlash of a female criminal in games?

    Well since Saints Row 2-4 already had a female protagonist and we never heard anything about it, the correct answer is that there WASN'T. If Australia censors really wants them to make all the criminals male that badly, well... I suppose that's their prerogative as clueless lawmakers. But it...
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    Poll: Can pornography exist in a sexism free society?

    This is a fallacy that I see way too much of in "us vs them" discussions of feminism in general and feminism as it pertains to entertainment industries in particular. Nobody wants to take your porn away. Nobody wants to take your action movies away. Nobody wants to take your video games...
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    Why the Game's Title Should Have Been Dragon Age: Impositions

    And now you're as depressed about the future of video games as I was when I first started looking into mobile games. This is the future. This is the recent past. Once one corporation made a deliberately bad game that made a lot of money, there ceased to be any incentive to make a good game...
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    Homeworld Goes Hi-Res in New Remastered Screens

    So is this an authentic Homeworld experience, or are they gonna nerf the Salvage Corvettes and skip the rebuilding phase like Homeworld 2 did?
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    Unskippable: Watch Dogs - Hack the Mainframe (Or Something)!

    Why was this video only streaming at 15 frames per second? :P
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    What makes us human?

    Depends on how the robot was designed. If it was this huge or tiny chrome thing with wheels and non-humanoid limbs sticking out at weird angles, I'd probably go "woah look at that robot" as soon as I saw it. If it was some kinda fancy realdoll chassis from japan, I'd go "AAAAHHHH! ZOMBIE...
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    Why Were Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation So Good?

    "If?" Colonial Marines happened. They have always thought this.
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    From Bayonetta to Team Ninja, inspired by the last Jimquisition.

    Yup. It's stylized, not realistic. But "do these outfits make sense" isn't the question you should be asking. The real takeaway from the Jimquisiton episode is to understand that Bayonetta is stylized and sexualized in a way that implies the character chose to dress that way, because she...
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    Indie Dev Threatens to Kill Gabe Newell, Valve Pulls His Game From Steam

    Huh. So what you're saying is, all we have to do is figure out a way to get Strategy First to issue a death threat, and the Steam storefront will clean itself up?
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    "Hatred" Reveal Trailer. Or as I like to call it, "The Next Big Controversy"

    THAT's what the original Postal looked like!? HA HA HA! I love it! XD Oh my god it's so colorful and scribbly! Look at that little skull in the corner! This literally looks like it was doodled in some kid's notebook. Ha ha ha oh man. This is classic. This is art. I love this. Spoiler...