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    Games You Loved But Then Grew to HATE

    Was going to say this but you summarized my thoughts on TF2 perfectly. That being said I will add Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. Loved this game as a kid, I put countless hours into it but it became unplayable when my sister scratched the disc. I had good memories playing that game that I...
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    Do you guys know what this means

    You should probably try not just copy/paste the same story all over the internet for at least 3 months.
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    I Would Like To Play Monster Hunter, What Should I Get?

    I never played it but I read good things about God Eater 2. I believe its on the PS3/4 and PC.
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    What would you want from a Dark Souls clone?

    Searching through your backpack could still be left real-time as it with the Start button while pausing could be the Select/Back button.
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    What would you want from a Dark Souls clone?

    I don't think I explained myself well. Its obviously a multiplayer game, but felt it could benefit from a pause feature when playing in single player. Especially when games like Diablo 3 and Borderlands do this already.
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    What would you want from a Dark Souls clone?

    I would disagree with you. I have played all the games almost exclusively as a single player game and enjoyed them greatly. The multiplayer portion never really interested me. I only dabbled in the occasional invasion. I never felt that the game was sold on it's multiplayer. I get that for some...
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    What would you want from a Dark Souls clone?

    Except that every version has had some way to play offline minus DS2. Bloodborne specifically had an Offline option when starting the main menu yet it did not allow you to pause. When I'm online I understand why I cannot pause, but cannot fathom why FromSoftware thought it was fine to not allow...
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    What would you want from a Dark Souls clone?

    I would love a Souls game that allows me to pause but apparently wanting such a ludicrous feature would make the game casual and I should gitgud and go back to CoD.
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    I've never understood the dislike for Origin

    When Origin launched (around the time of BF3 if I recall) it was very barebones, buggy, slow, and offered nothing new while having a fraction of the utility of Steam. It is much better now. Not perfect but a vast improvement over its original iteration. I still prefer Steam but features like...
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    The worst game you have ever played.

    As a kid I had a habit of researching games before buying them (I had subscriptions to Playstation magazines for most of my childhood so I would read reviews and/or try demos) and would rarely impulse buy a game based on seeing it on the shelf. I honestly only recall two impulse purchases where...
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    Fallout 3 mod recommendations?

    I highly recommend FOOK2 and Marts Mutant Mod. Combined the mods refine features and add a ton of new armors, weapons, and enemies. The added content stays faithful to the source material and should not break emerging. They are also highly customizable so you can usually remove features that you...
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    What is the Difference Between a Joke and a Meme?

    I forgot where I heard this but like its brevity. A meme is like an inside joke between you and the internet.
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    I just got a decent Smartphone! (Please recommend me some games)

    Square Enix has great ports for mobile and their games translate well for a touch-screen interface. I recommend looking at their catalog. Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IX The World Ends With You
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    Fallout 3 and mod recommendations.

    I will never play FO3 without Fallout Over-hall Kit (FOOK2) and Mart's Mutant Mod (MMM). These mods do not change the core gameplay too much, just refine and expand upon it.
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    Good series/games/movies that are hard to recommend because of specific reasons.

    It would have to be Undertale for me. The game is a simple but solid turned-based RPG. It is well written, has memorable characters, engaging combat, and great music. However, you cannot ignore that the game visually looks like trash. Instead of trying to recapture the charm of 8/16-bit...