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    Tyra Banks Fancies Herself the Next J.R.R. Tolkien

    I feel like watching Idiocracy again for some reason...
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    Apocalypse Lane: Creator Q & A

    Are we going to see some kind of DVD release of this series? I agree with what you said about the first episode. While I personally thought episode 1 was humorous, when I was trying to get more people to start watching Apocalypse Lane I had them watch episode 1 and 2 because episode 2 was in...
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    Take The Escapist's Apocalypse Lane Series Finale Quizzes!

    Me too, too.
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    Unforgotten Realms Begins Season 3

    You're not alone, I feel like the series "jumped the shark" pretty hard with the whole Harry Potter parody. That's why when Doraleous and Associates introduced a character called "Harry Pooter" for a couple of episodes I thought they were going to kill the series. To anyone thinking about...
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    Poll: Do you LOVE the taste of beer?

    Well said, and I think we have more of a culture of experimentation with our beers that our European counterparts don't share.
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    I need a RPG

    If you like those games you MUST play The Bard's Tale -'s_Tale_(2004_video_game) <--- you might need to copy and paste the whole link to get to the page This was not only fun to play, but the dialogue was absolutely hilarious. The main character is...
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    Poll: Do you LOVE the taste of beer?

    Well I'm not sure which local breweries in eastern Washington are good, but here are a few that you might be able to find in the stores. If you like dark beers: Rogue's Chocolate Stout - Widmer Brothers Pitch Black IPA -...
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    Poll: Do you LOVE the taste of beer?

    I'm going to forgive the half of you that voted "No" as most of you guys have probably never had access to quality craft beer like we have in the Pacific Northwest.
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    This Week: The Apocalypse Lane Series Finale

    A lot of people say it took them a few episodes to get into Apocalypse Lane, I personally was hooked after I watched the trailer with Steve and Cuddles. This series has been an essential part of my weekly ritual for almost a year and I have to say there is going to be a cold empty spot every...
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    Take The Escapist's Apocalypse Lane Series Finale Quizzes!

    Yeah I got hung up on those two as well. I'm pretty sure the answer that is correct on the test for Pete's disorder is wrong too.
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 47: Dirty Rotten Cyborgs

    This series is like The Escapists' version of Firefly: Short lived, amazing dialogue, script, storyline and it's VASTLY under-appreciated! I'd really like to know why so many people on this site don't watch this series, but instead watch things like I HIT IT WITH MY AXE and...
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 47: Dirty Rotten Cyborgs

    It's going to be interesting it see how this series wraps up in the final episode, hopefully the final episode is decently long. Yeah, no one died!
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 46: Information Defacation

    While your theory is mind blowing, I still suspect they will be doing something even more insane for the ending. The cherry on the WTF ice cream sundae that is Apocalypse Lane will be epic.
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    Dedicated Halo 2 Fans Still Hanging Tough

    Indeed. It's not like these guys are walking into your house and slapping your mama. Maybe they're going for some kind of Guinness World Record. Either way, I think it's cool that they are doing it. Even if it was some crappy game that I didn't like I would still support their right to do it.
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    Rumor: Game Crazy Goes so Bonkers it Dies

    Trust me everyone, Game Crazy going out of business is a good thing. They were a terrible company to work for and if you think Gamestop was bad about pushing memberships and pre-orders on their customers, Game Crazy was worse. I too am surprised they lasted as long as they did. Good riddance to...