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    Cartoons/Anime you consider style over substance but you still enjoy

    Starship Troopers: Invasion and War of the Worlds: Goliath While neither has much of narrative substance to offer (though Goliath at least fairs a little better in that department) they're nonetheless delightful as exciting, undemanding action flicks. As to the examples in the OP, I'd...
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    Thoughts on Yu Yu Hakusho

    I finally got the opportunity to see Yu Yu Hakusho for the first time just a few months ago. I liked it. Though, I did struggle to get into it at first. While I recognized that it was well written from the start, the initial five episode ghost arc didn't terribly appeal to me, as I just wanted...
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    Doctor Who: Heaven Sent

    Artistically bold, supremely well directed, and boasting an outstanding performance from Peter Capaldi; I really do not have enough praise for this episode. And it's quintessentially Moffat. Everything about it is Moffat. All of the very best of what Moffat has had to contribute to Who...
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    Call of Duty is now Deus Ex

    Oh... um, I left this comment by accident and since I can't delete it I guess now I'll have to figure out something else to say. ... I guess I'll just put forward that maybe, just maybe, something has changed in the corporate machine that produces these games. After all, Call of Duty...
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    Call of Duty is now Deus Ex

    Man, that really was an excellently produced trailer- and now I'm sad that it's a trailer for Call of Duty game. Nothing against CoD, but deep exploration of complex themes is not its gig.
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    Escape to the Movies: Jupiter Ascending - Tries But Fails

    So, is there a chance we'll be getting to see a more complete version of the film when the director's cut comes out, or something like that?
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    If your Marvel and you get the webhead back how do you introduce him?

    I'm highly skeptical that the whole "hey, here's Spider Man out of nowhere" thing could work, and I fail to see how that could be satisfying even if it doesn't introduce narrative problems. The other idea of- and I do hope I'm mistaken and this isn't actually what's been meant by Marvel and...
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    The Live-Action Halo TV Show Gets its First Trailer

    OMG DO WANT I'm pretty confident this will be good. What's most important is that they leave Master Chief out of it (since he's the least interesting part of his own story) and avoid the more idiotic parts of the Halo universe.
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    Working Hoverboard Prototype Takes us Back to The Future

    I'm tired of being cynical about everything. Yeah, I know it uses magnets and needs to be over a special surface to hover, but you know what? Fuck it. This is still cool.
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    Study: Two-Thirds of Men Prefer Electric Shock to Being Alone With Thoughts

    "Take away a man's light, his clothes, his food, his friends, his air, and you leave him with nothing but himself. And for most, that is not pleasant company." - Ranse Truman, The Suffering Leave me alone with nothing to do but think and I'll start berating myself over every stupid or...
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    BioWare's New Mass Effect 3 Anime Tells Vega's Story

    I hate trailers that overdo the narration. Putting aside how woefully unimpressive this looks, it is pleasing to get a story about James Vega of whom I was quite skeptical at first but came to quite like after realizing that instead of being the stereotype he appears he's a down-to-earth and...
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    Looking for some good horror anime

    Watch Blue Gender. The show doesn't overtly fit into the horror genre though is often quite horrific. Its main strengths are the harrowing atmosphere, intense story, and terrific relationship building. It's more of a thriller than a horror story though it's made thrilling by the horrific events...
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    Biggest Letdown in Anime

    Claymore The show was alright for the first four episodes but got fantastic for episodes five through eleven. Then something goes wrong. Episodes twelve through fourteen are iffy and then it really descends into shit. Episodes fifteen through twenty six are worthless. They are devoid of any...
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    Getting into Anime

    Witchblade is a ridiculously awesome show. Yes, I know what it looks like, trust me, its a very well developed and emotional (by the end piercingly so) story. For comedy, try Level E, a bizzare show in that it doesn't precisely have a main protagonist (don't get too use to the baseball...
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    Mass Effect 3 Cover Art - Improvement?

    That cover isn't great but it's a massive improvement over the last one. It's still rather shocking for me when I think back to how tasteless and trite the last cover was. Not that I mean to say I care all that much about cover art.