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    Poll: Do you know the words to your national anthem?

    I'm English, so our national anthem is all about how great the monarchy is. I refuse to learn such horse shit.
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    So... What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

    I've made myself a lovely steak and haggis meal, accompanied by some Whyte and Mackay blended scotch whisky, and a length of toffee flavoured brown pigtail tobacco. I seem to have confused today with Burns night.
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    Poll: Will you be buying Evolve? how does the DLC plan affect your buying habits?

    I had no intentions of buying it, but when I got the chance to play the closed beta I figured I'd give it a try, and it is genuinely the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time. On principal, I want to avoid it, but it's become a pre-order for me now. Sorry guys.
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    Creepy Text Theatre with SASHA GREY - Any old excuse to be a dick.

    It's interesting how our society treats sex workers. They're providing a service that many people (including, I imagine, the degenerates calling her out in the comments) are willing to pay for. They shouldn't have to put up with abuse just because some people have issues. On a hypothetical...
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    Poll: What game has the worst player base?

    If I'm going from personal experience, then it would be call of duty. I only played MW2 and MW3 so can't speak for them as a whole, but their player bases were pretty terrible. It got to the stage were as soon as I booted up a game I would just mute every player that I didn't know , since...
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    Current competitive games for free?

    About 12 years ago [] The video linked in your quote is from a fan made remake.
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    What was the worst game that you pre-ordered?

    Rage. Thought it looked amazing leading up to release, pre-ordered it for PC, and it was nigh unplayable. Once they finally fixed it I played it for a couple of hours but by that point I'd just lost interest. Never finished it.
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    Your odd uses of sauce/cheese/spreads/seasoning

    I once boiled a lambs heart in a 50/50 mixture of reggae reggae cooking sauce and pepsi. It was delicious.
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    Would you go to the police in this situation?

    A couple of years back my younger brother was attacked. He was out with a group of friends, another group came over to try starting trouble, things escalated and my brother was hit around the head with a length of wood. He had to be taken to the emergency room, having lost a lot of blood. He's...
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    Watch People Hilariously Misidentify Smash Bros Classic Characters

    As someone who's never owned a nintendo console (outside of the original gameboy nearly 20 years ago) I didn't get too many of these either. Don't quite get what the point of the video was though. That people who don't play nintendo don't recognise the characters? Not exactly a revelation...
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    Was God of War III's story trying to do more than we think?

    No, you're the one acting hostile. You are aware that The Blue Rider didn't actually start this thread, right? Nor did he mention subverting tropes, or bring up anything to do with the writer being a woman. That was all bartholen.
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    So... concerts

    As other people have said, it's the experience. Last year I saw a guy in a wheelchair being crowd surfed to Municipal Waste. I've gotten to carry Neils Adams from Prostitute Disfigurement around a tiny crowded pub whilst he belts out his monstrous vocals. I've seen a group of people build a...
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    Favorite of the Following

    I'm going to go slightly out of order on this bear with me. You can probably sum up my favourite movies with '80s Action Blockbusters,' but if I have to pick one, I'm going with Movie - Die Hard Pure action schlock of the best kind. TV Show - Sons of Anarchy I describe Sons to people...
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    The Post-High School Ring of Friends

    From high school I have one friend that I see on a regular basis, that I'm still very good friends with. There are others that I'll see around and about, and say hi to, but I wouldn't make a point of trying to meet up with them. I have plenty of other friends that I spend loads of time...
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    Ubisoft on Yearly Assassin's Creed: We'd Be Stupid Not to Satisfy This Need

    I used to be a huge fan of the Assassins Creed franchise. I even bought collectors editions for several of the games, which is something I never do. But after playing the same game year after year, and after the utter atrocity that was Assassins Creed 3, I'm done with this series.