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    Mass Effect 3: War Asset DLCs

    The Leviathan thing you mentioned does show up as a 400 point War Asset. Also, the whole DA:O style final battle would've been sweet. I've been mulling the idea over in my head that, once BioWare finished making Singleplayer DLC for the game that a new War Asset threshold would come up...
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    Let's all die horribly in our struggle against the Xenos!

    You can call me Wayward(A). My vote is for the base to be called either River Styx or Gitmo. EDIT: Seeing as the base is in Poland, Gitmo is the best possible name for it.
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    I wanna play Pokemon but there are too many to choose from.

    You can't go wrong with FireRed/LeafGreen or HeartGold/SoulSilver if you want to scratch your nostalgia. If you want something new, my personal recommendation is Black/White, seeing as there aren't ANY old Pokemon in them until you finish the story. That way it's like you're playing a brand new...
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    Poll: So yeah I dont think Dawngaurd is overpriced.....

    I've seen a lot of these threads pop up now that Dawnguard's out for Steam, so I'll just throw in my long-winded two cents. I find it really hard to judge how many hours I got out of Dawnguard. I made a new character for it, a High Elf Mage/Assassin that worked so damn well it was beautiful...
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    Can you beat him? Akinator Web game

    I thought of Hanners' flying Roomba from Questionable Content and he guessed "I don't know, something that isn't a character." I gave it to him.
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    Your fictional crushes

    This thread needs more asari. Liara T'Soni all the way. There really isn't another character that competes with her for me.
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    I love milk. To be honest, I drink mostly Cherry Pepsi, but I'm trying to cut back on that and drink milk instead when I get thirsty. Or tea, but that requires preparation and I'm too lazy for that, usually. And I put milk in that, anyway.
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    Games that you mentally declare non-canon.

    Pretty much this. I never finished KotOR, (I know, I know...) but I played far enough to be really fucking pissed by one of its raid bosses. I was going to say Dragon Age II, but just because I find its story to be less exciting and the gameplay to be more shallow than Origins doesn't really...
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    What Outrageous Names Would You Give Your Child?

    I seriously want to name my hypothetical son Garrus. Although it's a bit of a recurring stupid thing I say that my first-born will be named xXPWNageSOSS223Xx.
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    Poll: The Next Batman Movie

    I would absolutely love a Batman Beyond style movie, but I think we all know that this Batman is being done with the sole intention of being a part of the Justice League movie.
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    Videogame music orchestrated

    Even the annoying music from Ace Attorney becomes amazing with an orchestra!
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    Do you drink coffee?

    No. I drink tea. Actually, drink is such a barbaric way to describe the action. I savor tea. With my pinkie out.
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    Poll: Dawnguard: So... anyone actually DAWNGUARD?

    I was planning to go with the Dawnguard, but for whatever reason I was very interested in learning more about Serana, and I figured that I'd have to join the vampires to do that. No regrets. Vampire Lord is amazing, and I've got a character that's a perfect fit for the Dawnguard to play later...
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    Halo 4: Wait that's no ancient evil...

    Are Elites the bad guys again? Didn't they secede from the Covenant and ally with us? I don't get it.
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    Your Least Played RPG Class (Tabletop Or Video Game).

    Thieves/Rogues/Assassins/Whatevers. The closest I ever get to playing a character like that is really just a Fighter who opens combat from stealth, which honestly I think is more commonly called playing smart. I don't really know why I don't play them, I guess I'm just not a subtle guy. I either...