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    Live Action Metroid Fan Film Brings Samus to Life

    Eh, more than good enough. Chobot doesn't do Samus for me (her face is too round) and I (who knows shit all about film making) would have cut the hyperspace scene, but it does the asthetic and overall feel of Metroid justice. More of this, please.
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    Preacher Finally Unveils Its First Unholy Trailer

    Joining the choir here: Apart from having a preacher in it, this does not look like it has anything to do with the comic. Like, at all. Time will tell, but I'm not exactly holding my breath,
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    The End of Flash? Firefox Is Now Automatically Blocking Flash By Default

    Not going to happen. HTML5 just works*. For video content anyways. (*and if you keep the video in question in 2 versions) Wait a few days and see how immensely fast they will have full-fledged HTML5-support. If they've got their wids in x264 and/or ogg already, then it's absolutely no big...
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    Google Adds "Undo Send" Feature to Gmail

    Going by the article and the 20 second timeframe, it sounds like GMail just holds off on sending the mail for 20 seconds. Only way to implement this globally. So the mail doesn't arrive in your inbox before the grace period ends. It doesn't delete the mail from your inbox.
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    8 Things that Would Make Fallout 4 Awesome

    Oh, I didn't want to ding on you. I just took your quote to have something to hang my generalised answer on. And really, the more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that Mr. Whitakers arguments can be boiled down to 2: 1. Make it less "Fallout" or better yet: Make a...
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    8 Things that Would Make Fallout 4 Awesome

    So basically not "Fallout" anymore but "Rebuild" or even "On The Upswing"? I fail to see how "Make a different game" would improve Fallout. The "200 years later" part of F3 was stupid for exactly that reason.
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    Jurassic World - That final scene (spoiler warning)

    My (very short) 2 cents: The Scene was great, but it would've been enough if I.Rex fell into the lagoon and then get eaten by Mosa. The "I'll flop on land and look like a stranded whale in the process" scene was just a TAD too much for me. Apart from that: HELL YEAH, MORE OF THIS!
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    Nah, I'm mad at people correcting other people being wrong about said correction. Correctception! To be completely precise, both low FPS and input lag are symptoms of not enough optimization. People tend to associate the latter with the former because they don't know better. Either way, the...
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    Sadly, this is wrong. You're talking about a certain type of lag, namely network lag. What low FPS introduces is input lag (or, to be pedantic, "input in relation to onscreen action lag"). Is that a big deal? Sometimes, but more often than not it's not the framerate that causes it. Is the...
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    Poll: Curious: a question for IT Professionals about what group should handle DNS

    The process is layered, independent of company size. Even if you're only one guy, that's the steps you go through. Only then you're responsible for every layer, and the question of "who does what" is kinda moot ;) We're about 125 people spanning two offices, and in the above example, I'm...
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    Poll: Curious: a question for IT Professionals about what group should handle DNS

    Well, again this depends. Many Firewall appliances are the DNS server for an internal network, at least in smaller networks, so yeah, in that case the firewqall guys might be the right ones. Generally, it's a layered process: Security Guys (not neccessarily the firewall guys, but the ones...
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    "I Finally Found It!" Games You Wanted, Looked For A Long Time After...And Finally Found

    The collector's Edition (Paper Digipack) of Shadow Of The Colossus. Took me about 4 years to get my hands on. Captcha: karma points. Well, thank you, captcha. And well-deserved, if I maay say so myself :)
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    Poll: Curious: a question for IT Professionals about what group should handle DNS

    Inhouse: Whoever handles network operations should have the say of what names get assigned. The guys who run your internal DNS servers are the ones who have to implement your DNS record. Globally: A shared authority group that is NOT based in any one country.
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    5 Ways to Fix The Order: 1886

    Likewise with the "wikipedia plot synapses"... I KNEW wikipedia would be the first website to become self-aware!
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    No One Really Cares About 1080p, Says Far Cry 4 Dev

    Oh, I know. That was more of a rhetorical question :) Well, move along then, nothing to see this generation.