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    ?Black mesa Source revealed by valve, Steam download up.

    Black mesa source has been revealed by valve. As of now, i do NOT see it on the steam store, however there are multiple sources for it citing its existence as being revealed, and currently there seems to be heavy love from multiple torrent sites. I may be mistaken in not finding it one steam, as...
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    So there's a dislike bot on Youtube now...

    Why in the ever loving god would you post a video of yours to 4chan OP? it is not an advisable viewer source. Quite a few of them get their jollies off on this bit of mischief.
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    So there's a dislike bot on Youtube now...

    We can assume this video of his was already posted sometime ago, and he was just checking it. Mathematically, unless he just released the video, we can assume a burst of dislikes all of a sudden is an anomaly. Its highly unlikely for a good few days after a videos release to garner so many...
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    Another EA horror story.

    The mass of EA's collpase will be of a large enough magnitude to create a blackhole the size of rhode island, and will take everything videogame with it. When they go down, so does the industry. Not because of lack of quality, but because- Well its obvious.
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    Another EA horror story.

    This entire thread has turned into rage over EA's shit You people act like EA cares or ever will care. there is no way ANY of us can cause a big enough stink to catch their eyes and cause them to look to the sky piously and beg the forgiveness of their lord for being greedy. EA is EA, and they...
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    Riddle time!

    The blue wonder, the sky. my second guess was the sun, but that can give you a burn.
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    Riddle time!

    It was another mans voice.
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    Okay, I'm Sorry but... Just What on Earth is so Great about Mass Effect?!

    I am tired of your disingenuous statements (heh, had to!) about the "Fact" that mass effect and ha;f life are both amazing. I have a strong dislike for both. Half Life less so. But nonetheless. I dont see a reason for all the hubbub on one users opinion. Getting angry over it is ridiculous...
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    How much further can humans evolve?

    The fact is summarised throught this threads innumerable responses, which all say the same exact thing, humanities evolution wil most likely never end because of all the ypes of evolution. never say never, anything is possible, everything is permitted by science. (see what i did thar?)
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    Top Three Favorite Books/Series of All Time

    A Song of Fire and Ice, George R.R. Martin - amazing world and characters, and an intriguing storyline with multiple story arcs. The Riyria Revelations, (cant remember author)- a great world with in depth characters, and a good story, with action, magic, and all the such wrapped together...
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    Who are your favorite YouTubers?

    MyGamersinsanity, Paperbat, an Slyfox. they all have great minecraft lets plays. not to mention some of their other videos such as slyfox and Pbats Terraria playthroughs, or their time on the killing floor.
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    Amazon versus Gamestop: Which to use?

    Thank you everyone for all the insightful information. but a few points i think should be touched on, one, i am getting it for XBOX. if i had a computer that could run anything more sophisticated than the original LOZ, and not turn into a blubbering mess, as it does with minecraft, WOW, and...
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    A Dance with Dragons...[spoiler heaven]

    Personally, i think that Daenerys will die in the very last book, while Arya, and Bran survive. Bran becomes a full on warg, Arya becomes somthing like a bit of a battle mage. nothing has happened with rickert, so i cant honestly predict if he lives or dies, but based on his personality, and his...
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    Amazon versus Gamestop: Which to use?

    I have never used Amazon for anything, but i have heard great things about it. I like Gamestop, but I have no idea if I will be able to get TES: Skyrim when it comes out even if I preorder, due to the fact that I live in a heavily populated city, over 1 million people, and our GS often does not...
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    Computer security. what program to use?

    My computer is running vista, and our security is out. i dont remember what security i was using before, and i dont remember it being good anyways. Escapist, what should i use? ive heard of a lot of anti virus softwares out there, Avast, AVG, Norton, etc, but i dont know what i should choose.