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    Share some bands that you think other people may not have heard of. best part about these bands they give away their music
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    Username Origins

    hmm these are quite popular anyways i like to read wikipedia articles
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    What movie caused the greatest emotional response for you.

    schindler's list and big fish was good
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    Poll: Sleeping Habits

    just pulled my blanket out of the dryer so warm and soft sooooo blankets /W cold room
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    Poll: Older Rpg games

    D2 LOD play quite few mods but the vanilla is fun too.
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    I think my parents might think I'm gay...also I have bad parents...slightly

    your name betrays this passage ur dad is jealous ur moms dumb case closed well get a new pillow case the one u r using is collectible right? as for the twilight comment i would just ignore that as for the fat comment was it direct or more evasive ? also seems to me that ur under some...
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    Poll: Should I have done something?

    im having a hard concentrating with all the cool avatars neku gif eldorado gif jay gif magic mushroom sakka gif communist party pic well you should've helped but in all honesty i prolly would've closed the blinds i learned nothing from kick-ass
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    259: Vaginophobia

    is that nightmares wife in the background ? that was an interesting read though.
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    Your Last Song?

    time is one my side by the rolling stones for the irony who's gonna save my soul ow by gnarls barkley partly for irony and well its fitting the opening lines are "got some bad news this moring" who cares also by gnarls barkley the chorus is "and i could go on and on and on, but who cares"...
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    Poll: the best quote ever

    I WILL PISS ON ON YOUR SOUL! dont know where this one came form Better with the learned dwell even if it be in hell than with vulgar spirits roam palaces gods call home -panchatantra "its like riding a giant fireball into the sun, whilst holding the reigns and shouting 'faster you...
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    because i read lots wikipedia but i also read other articles like pop-sci and so i guess e-ducated would have worked equally well or better.
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    Poll: E3 ! Excited?

    possible new info on diablo 3 their site hasn't been updated in a while a release date would be splendorous. command and conquer news i haven't looked into the C&C4 but i want to see a new C&C Generals installment.
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    If you could live in any VG universe...

    hehe Dr. Steel avatar nice. anyways the multi-verses of magic the gathering i know doesn't really count but they made it into a video game so :p specifically the ravnica universe id be a goblin on the side of the road selling questionable skewered meat from my mobile meat vendor thingy...
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    What's your instant cure-all for a really bad day?

    Games their my emotional sink, down the drain with you BEGONE!
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    Poll: Would you buy a game ONLY for multiplayer?

    yes and im going to purchase mag in the near future the beta was good so yeah. also i have hardly touched the campaign of MW2 ive played to the "controversial" level and that level for me was like giving pyro a box of flares in a oil refinery. note: remember fairly good analogy for future...