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    My boss wont let me quit. (Updated)

    Have you considered dressing up like giant chicken, marching into your boss's office and screaming, "I'll be plucked if I continue working here!". Not to say that you should, or that I have, but just asking if you've considered it.
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    Belger from Final Fight. Think about it people: he rules a gang made up of pro-wrestlers, samurai(?), ninjas, crack fiends, corrupt cops, special forces commandos and transsexual kickboxers. He doesn't just ship guns to criminals, he makes them himself. He doesn't just sell drugs, he creates...
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    The Dumbest Protest to Toy Story 3

    My Pastor IS my Dungeon Master (well, one of them anyway. I'm a polygamer.). When he's not preaching at the church I go to, doing his second job, or his volunteer stuff, he's doing D&D.
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    The Dumbest Protest to Toy Story 3

    Obvious troll is obvious. Look at his channel. Look at his responses. This guy is in it for the lulz. He's not actually representing himself, he's just doing what he can to piss you off. It's like my pastor once said: "In the game of life, some people use intelligence as a dump stat and...
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    Poll: to all aspiring overlords of evil!

    An army entirely made up of the puppets from Genesis's "Land of Confusion" music video. If I saw THAT rushing towards me in the dead of night, I would probably soil myself.
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    Poll: Is this what our once-brilliant Internet has devolved into?

    "Once brilliant internet"? ...when the hell did this magical time happen? In between the sinking of Atlantis and the rise of Hyboria?
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    Church Protesting San Diego Comic-Con For "Idol Worship"

    This. Good Lord. This is the Jack Chick effect all over again: a bunch of loud, theologically illiterate tossers suddenly showing up and making fools of themselves while claiming to represent all of us. This case REALLY boils my blood because of who is behind it: I've actually confronted...
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    Poll: What makes the escapist different?

    Nothing really. Hang around long enough and you'll pretty much see the same stuff you would see in any other gaming forum (give or take a few cans of red bull).
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    I'm a what now?!

    I once met an African American Neo-Nazi. Admittedly it was while I was volunteering at a Mental Health Center...but yeah, it can happen. Me? I've been confused for a Middle Easterner before. In fact, that's how I met one of my best friends and his family: Some dudes in a grocery store started...
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    Suicidal/desperate strategies you've tried in games

    While playing Guilty Gear XX, I was getting my ass kicked by I-No. I tried everything: playing defensively, playing offensively, button mashing, and even trying to master the more advanced combo techniques. Nothing worked, the computer has me beat. So I tried one last gambit: I yelled...
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    "We're on a mission from God."

    I am going to celebrate by performing engaging in a high-speed chase through a crowded mall! *Look for me on the local news at 10!*
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    Nationalism and Nazis. Help me explain the following conundrum

    I agree wholeheartedly.
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    Fake game rumors from the past.

    The FF7 Sephiroth Clone (that can join your party).
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    Nationalism and Nazis. Help me explain the following conundrum

    Yes, but I humbly suggest the following?: ultimately 'resource' can be anything that offers a tangible benefit to those who possess it: Land, Political Influence, Wealth, A Giant Mullet Wig (So That You Can Call Yourself Zap Rowsdower), etc. In that case, humans will forever be locked in...
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    Epic Cartoon Opening Themes

    LAZER TIME BOYS! Damn, that makes me long for some 3D shades.