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    Biggest Difficulty Spike You Have Ever Experienced

    Mother. FUCKER. I'm SO mad at this right now, haha.
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    Biggest Difficulty Spike You Have Ever Experienced

    Final Fantasy Tactics. I played the PSP port, but damn, did those introductory missions get hard fast. I spent a good week trying to beat that last mission, only to have the game go " aaaaand now the game is actually starting." Also there's some straight-up unfair missions, where if you didn't...
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    Relationships - fall for your equal or fall for your opposite?

    I'm a musician, and have only ever dated musicians. My current girlfriend I met when she hired me to play on her senior recital. (I'm an accompanist, which means I play piano for/with vocalists and other instruments.) I'm more reserved and quiet, and she's outgoing and outspoken, frequently with...
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    Diablo 3 WILL HAVE offline, but is "discouraged".

    I'm many people here actually played Diablo II a lot? Because some of these responses seem to indicate a lack of knowledge about how the game worked. Locally stored characters could be used in single-player, LAN games, and Open This was great for playing with...
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    College-Bound. (The College advice thread)

    Some college bookstores offer renting options on many of the textbooks. I recommend this for the gen-eds (non-major courses) that you don't see yourself specializing in. But if you're taking a class related to your field and that you have a genuine interest in, by all means, buy the book(s)...
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    Poll: Should we go back to having ALL of the credits at the beginning of a film?

    I prefer credits being at the beginning, but in the modern style of just showing the big-name people, such as: Director Writers Producers (executive, co-, and main) Director of photography Production designer Editor Music composer Casting director Main stars
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    The Feminine Female

    So you like girls in skirts...that's ok. But jeans do not necessarily make girls "not girly" or "not feminine" or even "not soft." I know plenty of soft-demeanored girls who like to wear jeans and not skirts.
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    Where are You Going to College?

    I'm there as well! Huzzah! ...although I'm a second-year graduate student in humanities, emphasis in music. Hope you like working at Starbucks. ...ok, never mind. :D
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    Ezio: "Salute, Claudia."

    It could be "kill", but it definitely finishes with "your cravings at the Circus of Valuuuuuuues!" I always thought it was "fill", by the way. I think that Louis' "grabbin' peels" line from Left 4 Dead is hilarious but probably never should have hit meme status.
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    Do you have/ Know anyone with a unique Call pf Duty Black Ops player card?

    I borrowed the highly overused idea of putting angel wings on a guy or soldier. I have the standing guy in the suit (in white), and he has a shadow, though the shadow also has eagle wings.
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    Confessions of a Japanophile

    I like the occasional anime, but definitely only watch ones that are either highly recommended or have premises that interest me. (I've only ever seen the complete series of Full Metal Panic, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and Azumanga Daioh.) That's...about it. They are far too creepy and...
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    Morrowind to an Oblivion Player

    Morrowind, as stated before, is much more hardcore (read: REALISTIC) than Oblivion, except for the combat system. Would you really have a magical Jack Sparrow-esque compass that tells you how to get to everything? No, you'd either be given a mark on your map or verbal directions which you have...
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    Obscure Gaming Quotes

    "I hate to make aesthetic criticisms in other people's homes, but that rug looks like a beaver exploded." "No actual wigs were harmed to make this computer-generated rug." "Nice flat puppy!" "That looks like it should be on Shatner's head...or maybe on Ernest Borgnine's back." "That rug...
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    Suggest me some good graphic novels

    Does Kingdom Come count as a graphic novel? That is definitely one of my favorites, if so.