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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Leads 2015 Game Awards Nominees

    I'm really hoping witcher 3 sweeps at the awards as much as I would like undertale to win rpg so that way an indie making a big for awards that isn't like minecraft big I can't say anything more because I haven't played it for myself and CD Projekt Red pretty much made the closest to an open...
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    Hey Guys! here are 5 things that will make you a lot more attractive to women

    to be honest if this satire it's failing but satire is hard to pull off
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    Meanwhile at the ESRB

    can we talk about who they ended it with just The word fuck is tossed around multiple times yeah cause all the other stuff that happens don't compare to fuck
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    Who's your favirote Musican/Band and what's your favorite song by them?

    now if they could just release time 2 already I need to hear the entire album in full it's just awesome
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    Hyrule Warriors Adds Two More Playable Characters - One Old, One New - Update

    I want a villian side too mainly because one person playing as link and the other as ganondorf to fight ganondorf sounds hilarious (also there's a wide cast of villains to use too it'd make things interesting). I think there's more girl zelda fans than girl dynasty warrior fans.
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    Lets talk about webcomics

    well one webcomic I've been reading is era of errors just starting out about a kid who gets his hands on an alien artifact discovered by his friend's dad and messes with his (that's as far as it is I know other stuff that's going on but it got rebooted with a new art so it's back at square one...
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    tell us something you like about yourself

    I think I handled some life stuff pretty well I had break up from 3 and half year relationship at the same time of final test for class and a certification exam while working over 40 hours instead of having it get me down I used it to start working out and studying harder for it (unfortunately I...
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    Games you'd like to see ported to the PC

    They really screwed the port for devil may cry 3 though no real controller support have to use a 3rd party software to set up support (Mouse and Keyboard is incredibly bad), trouble maintaining 60 frames (which isn't a big deal but I hear the ps2 version maintains 60 frames), no wide screen...
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    What would you say to the past "you"?

    to 17 year old me: Take the fucking apprenticeship it'll save you 3 years of headache and panicking about your future and won't prevent you from going to school for whatever Also that chick you love's mom is gonna hate you because of your mental illness so try to talk to her to see if she...
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    Regret Regret Regret...

    only real regret I have is there was a apprenticeship offered to me back in senior year of high school to work in a steel mill I would have been making $14 an hour (as a first job) and by now owould probably be making close to 22 an hour reason I didn't go with it I didn't feel like I would get...
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    Titanfall Devs Considered VR, Single Player Modes

    to be honest I would be happy with inviting friends into matches and playing against bots (don't have enough friends to get together and play ye ol lan party style)I would love that quite a bit but I've always been more a solo person
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    Time For Another Super Power Lottery Thread!

    Nemesis: Cryokinetic Wing Manifestation [] Summary: The user has the ability to form wings out of ice and use them from transportation to offensive and defensive purposes such as using them as a shield to block oncoming attacks or...
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    Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman on Late Show - Update

    fixed it O.T. I might watch at least one episode just to see what colbert brings to the table
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    Great Year for gaming for all.

    Last I heard witcher 3 won't be out till 2015 dark souls 2 I didn't even hear of it being pushed back I thought it was coming out the 9th. O.T. Basically all the new stuff coming out cautiously optimistic and all the the I heard was good or played the previous game of were good to me so...
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    Mediocrity Scrolls Online

    sounds normal going from daggerfall to morrowind took 6 years going from morrowind to oblivion took 4 years going from oblivion to skyrim took 5 years of course it's gonna be a while bethseda isn't an elder scrolls factory where they shit out an elder scrolls game every 2-3 years besides...